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  1. need to order 2 but the web site still don't want to take my card can you help me out steve i'm from belize city central america thanks
  2. love that idea wonder if it would work in any rear view mirror saturn aura and a chevy colorado crew cab
  3. i just ordered last week from them 2 sets of polk audio speakers 5.25" and yesterday polk audio db6501 WELCOME GUYS
  4. good day Steve i have my wife sister just order my CC-1 for me order#100001381 can you please sign it for me please thanks
  5. yup because it's in Belize City Central America already kicking the hell out of my 13w7ae time for a next 13w7ae now
  6. Tony is a good guy and they will get your DD-1 fix. I use to turn mine off and it came back on by it self and i send it back in and in a day these guys had my DD-1 ship back to me just waiting for it to get back to Belize. thanks guys
  7. Hi guys how are you i talk to Tony alot and i'm the one that took my DD-1 to JL AUDIO and let them test it because i have all jl audip products and the guy on the JL AUDIO fans page did not want to believe me that the DD-1 works so i was going to Miami for 4 days and i had to talk to Mike West from JL AUDIO tech and he tols me he is more than welcome to test it on JL AUDIO products and he did. Mike don't even know me and it was a Friday getting into Miami and i was late to get to JL AUDIO and he let me gone over to his house to drop off the DD-1 what a nice guy never seen me before coming all the way from Belize City Central America and let me go to his house anyways they still have my DD-1 going to get it back soon and i'm very happy i was part of this and to Tony very nice guy and Steve BIG UP FROM BELIZE oh my DD-1 is sign be SMD and also My Hat I JUST GOT THANKS GUYS.
  8. Hi guys so if my order #100000106 (placed on July 12, 2011 8:20:19 AM PDT)i'm i in thanks Steve
  9. Already ordered Steve and said it was shipped hope i got in the first 100 order # 100000646
  10. yeah now i would want to do a blow through to my chevy colorado with 2 13w7 and two hd1200
  11. very true i wish they can go down the money i spent on my hd1200 and 13w7ae and the zr650 it was a arm and leg lol
  12. not a kool story it cost me big time but it pays of at the end for me loud and clear
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