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  1. Your enclosure size looks good, but I would I would highly recommend that you try to avoid a port bend if possible. I don't know what vehicle you have but if you stick to a 36-38 tuning in a hatch car its pretty good on most music. If you have to go with a slightly larger enclosure depending on your power you can do that just to get the port the size you need it because that port orientation and size will have a vast impact on the sub woofers sound. The problem posed by the SMD's is that they have such powerful high displacement from the excursion capability but they LOVE small enclosures so you see the problem with finding that perfect port. You want a bigger port area so there's no port noise. But bigger port means it gets very long in those smaller boxes. Find the happy medium with no port bend and you will be amazed. Oh and as others say, that sub you got there has to be mounted on a horizontal enclosure surface or it will break.
  2. Did pretty much the same box same subs, tuned to 38 hz in a 2006 blazer in street stock, easily does over 149+ @ 2kwrms 32Hz-50Hz. He is now SS1-2 with more power but it was nice to see 1000wrms hit 148 at first.
  3. Steve you keep hitting home runs with these products. Will there be a mono version with 8 pair of outputs? There hasn't been a good one since RW Audio stopped making those. Anyway I still have to try out the CC-1 and the AD-1 so I can add this to my list of must stock as well.
  4. I dont have the skills to use this program or maybe its the patience to learn it but ya I respect those with the knowledge to do this program. I literally have hundreds of drafted designs that need to be put on sketchup. Mad skills man.
  5. Cortez just send me your contact info etc... and your issue I can try to help. I don't work for AA/Fi but I will help ya by passing along a message. I never give out their info unless I am told it is ok by them. This goes for most major companies, I can pass along info but never give personal contact info out.
  6. I already got an order from Shawn and he is great to deal with. He had a parts order out in less than a day after talking to him that I waited for for a long time. You guys won't have any trouble with Shawn IMO. If your having trouble getting a hold of Shawn I can forward your info to him but I won't give out his info, you can get that from him. I hope for the best for Nick in his new endeavor, as I understand he has had his eye on that industry for sometime. So don't be a stranger Nick and drop in once in awhile.
  7. Got mine already ordered. This is one of the decks that you HAVE to have even if you don't like it. I might get another eventually and never open it. It will be as classic as the Pioneer 8250(great burp deck!), Alpine 7909 pullout when it was released, or the Clarion 9255. And the price is just right.
  8. How about some old sayings. "Take it out and measure it" "Go All Out, or go home" "So loud its measured in pounds"
  9. Also send me the box specs for the enclosure and what power it normally sees.
  10. The subwoofer is reconeable fairly easy IF you have done recones before. Send me your contact info if you still have not got ahold of anyone, I will try to get ahold of AA for you. If you like I can help you recone it step by step through skype,msn etc... if you have done recones before but if you haven't I would not recommend learning on that kind of subwoofer.
  11. I finally got my DD-1 back, Definitely faster was the general consensus. And in the installation business, time IS money.
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