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  1. I have a 270 amp mechman alt in my 04 explorer. Along with the big 3 done in 1/0. I'm replacing my YT under the hood with a d6500, how many d3100's should i get to go along with that to match an IA 40.1 @ 1/2 ohm? I like to demo my system so would like the voltage to be as stable as possible.
  2. Name: Daniel Meador Vehicle type: SUV Vehicle: 04 Explorer What RMS range are you in: 3001-4000rms Amp / Amps Brand: IA 40.1 UN-certified score: 150.0 Db Drag Stats Meter Location: Dash Peak Frequency: 44hz
  3. I'm definitely gonna pick one of these up when they become available! Also, I'm like you twisted, i usually keep my volume around 23-25 on my 3200dvd. Is it safe to say my HU would be the same as yours at 38 being the max? Because if so, i'm gonna adjust some stuff lol..i may wait until i get this unit to be on the safe side though..
  4. Forgot to mention, the amp is fine..weird cuz i swear i checked the wires a million times but apparently the power wire going from the front batt to the rear was a tad loose..tightened it up..GOOD TO GO lol
  5. That turned out slick man! I feel ya on the pain, i got "beer belly" tatted across my stomach, it was the most painful tat i have ever gotten
  6. yeah i centered the box, moved the front seat forward and tilted 90 degrees, and also put the visor down. Did a 149.7 qualifying. When elim's came around I moved the driver seat up also and got the 150.0 back to back, so i'm pretty excited lol..hopefully only go up from here. Yeah, db-r was saying it could be the "output section" and since it didn't go up in smoke, i'm hoping it don't cost to much..sending it out tomorrow hopefully it'll come back before june 11th as thats the next show i'm hoping to attend.
  7. well put the advice i was given to good use, and did back to back 150.0's sealed up @44hz today at the show! Was pretty stoked.. On a shitty note for some reason after i left wendy's after the show, the amp came on like normal, but there's no output now?! not sure what the deal is, voltage is good as well as the subs are fine. Worked perfectly before going in, came out and nothing. There seems to be a ticking sound on the input side, so if it does the same tomorrow i'm gonna take the back off and see if something isn't right then from there guess send it off to db-r. Oh well, next show i'm attending isn't until july so plenty of time to figure out the problem and get it resolved.
  8. love this thread bro! my note pad is full after reading thru it! keep it up mane
  9. No i don't have the tools to do so. I would like to though
  10. That sucks! i have the visor, it broke awhile back, apparently a common issue with 3rd gen's. I'll see if i can rig it up lol
  11. I'll have to try that! i don't have a passenger side visor, do you think that matters much?
  12. Thanks Bro! Hopefully with the helpful advice i've been getting, and the changes that i'm gonna make i'll get the score up. Then when i get my new batts, hopefully it goes up a little more!
  13. decided to go out and mess around with it. Centered the box up, looks off because i had to mount the amp on the side of the box. sealed up the vents behind the tail-lights.. i worked 12 hours today so I'll finish hooking it up tomorrow..I'll probably leave it like this till i see what it does on the TL. I have room for movement of the box so I'll be able to mess with it if need be. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic
  14. (Click on the pic to make it bigger) this is how it's setup right now I'm definitely gonna try a few things and see what happens, i'm not expecting HUGE numbers but i'm pretty sure there is a 150 in there somewhere. Also, no deadner at this time. Kind of afraid to use it if it ends up hurtin my score.
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