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  1. Thought I'd share these spec since they were hard to find Just got these specs from DC Audio Per each M3 8 inch *includes woofer and port displacement *Does not include bracing. VB- Box volume gross 1.25 cubic feet Port- Port are opening 14 SQ inches Length- Port Length 30 inches tuning frequency 35 hrtz
  2. We are taking the Audiotistics demo van for sure. We want to help make this show a crazy success. The Guys at Meece Car Audio do top motch work! I know Some Rockford Guys are rolling deep with bad ass rides too. This show is going to be off the hook. See you there Jeff! 64 Rockford p1 10 s 4 Rockford 2500bd-1 for bass
  3. Don't have a lot of pics sorry but here is a video of it SUB-scribe to our Channel Audiotistics on youtube. Facebook.com/Audiotistics
  4. A customer returned to our shop a year later for more audio upgrade. So I turned Jesse loose on it. This is what you get
  5. Yep up on the top of the dash.. It worked out really good. The tweeters just dropped right in. A little sanding on the oem original speaker cover to make it fit. nothing major.
  6. Did a vid installing the Cerwin Vega Mobile Pro speakers and wanted to share it with everyone.. These are soooooooooo LOUD and clear . we fell in love with them. No cross over needed. These speakers are also very efficient!. Not to much power required to get them screaming.
  7. Brand new 12" in XXX RE AUDIO DUAL 2 OHM $ 400 plus shipping Firm TEXT OR CALL 760 559 2858 ask for Tim [email protected]
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