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  1. ^ or welding wire.
  2. no. get audio grade wire. this isn't an AC system. yeah it's 1/0 but it's such a low strand count it's not going to be efficient.
  3. going to have to regain tune all your amps now. that should make for a fun afternoon.
  4. i don't believe those amps are 1ohm stable. so you may need to wire them up at 4ohm or get different subs. if you're going to run those amps side by side to two subs better make sure they are gain matched since you can't master slave them. can't wait for pictures. love old school gear.
  5. nice numbers. best part is you had a goal hit it and are happy. no need to play around with the port unless you start numbers chasing for that extra 10th.
  6. that big screen life! looks mint. can't believe it fits so perfect. in the words of Doug...."looks like it was made for it."
  7. how about you PM him.
  8. couple things i would try. - in that sealed configuration throw some more power at it. or make sure it's in the correct sealed volume and then get some poly fill in it. - if your going to leave it ported get more port area. - if its possible to a t-line. i just pulled my older DD 1010b d4 out of a t-line (due to a bit of a design error on my part). the t-line 10 on the same power played and out performed my 1012b d4 i had in a ported box before it.
  9. i have not been impressed by some of these Pioneer amps of late. this surprised me and makes me feel like they are still doing it right. wish they had larger gauge outputs on some of there multi channel amps. it's a struggle to fit 16ga in them. not sure if you had an issue like that on this amp or not.
  10. i come to this thread time and time again prepared to feel worthless and inspired all with in a few seconds. keep up the great work!
  11. i was like nice, nice, 4 lithium's.......shit!
  12. that is the bluetooth brain. that unit is likely 10 years old. Steve let me show you a rats nest i found a while back.....