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  1. neuspeedescort


    soundskin not secondskin. soundskin is part of the mobile solutions family from what i can tell. hence the use on soundman. not hating just knowing the advertising point.
  2. neuspeedescort

    DD 506 box help

    couldn't agree more with any other post in the entire world!
  3. avoid sunroof models. i don't know why so many people build loud cars with sunroofs. it just ripples and cracks out over time. tahoes are nice. just take my advice already noted.
  4. why are there lame ass google ads on the bottom of all the first posts of threads?  the click bait style ones.  this wasn't and issue earlier no i just had to re-login and it is.

    1. audiofanaticz


      New forum update causing you to log in, as for the ads those disappear for supporting members.

    2. 8ten8


      Are you able to like members posts? 

  5. neuspeedescort

    First fiberglass project?

    try a small pod or the face of a speaker box. my first project i got luck on. but i also learned a ton. like don't buy resin from a box store. do it right and find a local boat shop. their resin will have far less wax in it. requiring little to no sanding between layers after curing.
  6. the use of ferrets and small spade connectors solve the wire push out issue. but simply twisting a wire to pack the wire will also go a long way. i have never had a wire push out so far it comes loose over time. i have been doing this for 20 years.
  7. it's funny you remark on this. i noticed your SMD logo looks like the glue had released. figure that was just from heat and beats. the rest i didn't even notice. i think the new caps match your interior scheme much better too.
  8. never go to that shop again. any shop that is going to down talk companies and charge you high prices must clearly be making enough money......to go out of business soon! find a new spot. just search around this site for a bit. be respectful of people and the knowledge will come in time.
  9. i just did an install in an RS. make your life easy and use the PAC AP4-FD21. you can't ditch the factory amp completely but you can bypass it with great clean signal. there are a few guys over on DIYMA that have done some deep research on them.