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  1. i have two routers. my first was and still is a craftsman plunge base. i have had it for about 5 years. no issues. i just got a jessem table lift and bought a porter cable to stay in it. so other than the porter cable being newer and a bit quieter than the craftsman. they are both good pieces.
  2. i work in the pipe industry. where are you guys buying 2.75 and 3.5" pipe? is that custom to the stereo world?
  3. sold locally
  4. as long as the subs are in front of the port wall i feel the straight port would be most ideal. the folded design isn't bad just not the best. 45'n the hump in the middle back isn't going to change much.
  5. my biggest concern for you (more educated box designers can que in anytime now) would be the fact your bass is kind of coming from two locations in the car. it could cause some cancellation i would imagine or just not sound natural. like when you have a rear fill that is loud enough to over power your front stage when you have a seat back to far. i would run the port in the back. it's a fail safe location in my opinion.
  6. that's the way it looks. i would avoid the port being up front. put it in the back up firing between the subs. L shape the port down and forward. if you run the port that far forward and away from the subs it may sound odd like people with the sub back port up in a hatch. plus if you run your port up front it is more likely to have things dropped in it you will have to fish out.
  7. make sure you 45 all the port corners. round over the port walls that make the fold. make it flow as seamlessly as possible. it will only help. i'd ditch that first little port leg on the right and just 45 that first corner. likely will not change your tune by but maybe a 1/2 an hz. and will be that much less port to cause any turbulence.
  8. look into the media units pioneer sells. no cd, half din depth. three pre outs, usb, bluetooth. the works. i have installed about 4 of them in different applications and they all work great.
  9. with the way it should load off the port wall and entry to the port has a nice angle to it and port end bracing you should be fine. you could always move the port to the left side and make it fold a couple times. as long as your port is large enough there shouldn't be any port noise.
  10. bump. willing to do 150 + shipping and will not care about paypal fees.
  11. i don't smoke, use drugs, or drink. i also have made it a good point not to knock up any crazy bitches.
  12. only the "off brand" are that we all love because we are not sheep. look around at the box brands they are starting to not even make 8's anymore.
  13. i was going to suggest an external port. if that was an option that would work. also if you built a mounting brace at the end of the port tube and round it over that can help with port noise. since you're still on the smaller side of the recommended.
  14. what audiofanaticz said. many working parts many variables. if you do a bandpass do a 4th order. it's much simpler but still produces great output when done correctly.