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  1. why are there lame ass google ads on the bottom of all the first posts of threads?  the click bait style ones.  this wasn't and issue earlier no i just had to re-login and it is.

    1. audiofanaticz


      New forum update causing you to log in, as for the ads those disappear for supporting members.

    2. 8ten8


      Are you able to like members posts? 

  2. it's funny you remark on this. i noticed your SMD logo looks like the glue had released. figure that was just from heat and beats. the rest i didn't even notice. i think the new caps match your interior scheme much better too.
  3. this could be one of the loudest spare tire boxes i have seen. the man is dedicated to the hobby that is for sure.
  4. the original wifi. Steve the dash really pops in a few of those photo's from the flash. how long will it take you to retune your amp gains?
  5. the pop-up adds starting over as i scroll down the page is really pissing me off.  anyone know how to stop them?

    1. meade916


      shouldn't be any pop-up ads here.

    2. neuspeedescort


      let me correct myself on that...  its the small vids that play in the banner.  yesterday for about 2 hours in the afternoon they would play thru and restart.  when they restarted they would pull me back to the top of the page.  all was good last night and this morning.  i surf from two different IP address' work and home.

  6. at first i was like "oh cool steve is passing his old dash off to someone" then i looked closer and learned how to read. both dashes look great.
  7. going to have to regain tune all your amps now. that should make for a fun afternoon.
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