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  1. only the "off brand" are that we all love because we are not sheep. look around at the box brands they are starting to not even make 8's anymore.
  2. i was going to suggest an external port. if that was an option that would work. also if you built a mounting brace at the end of the port tube and round it over that can help with port noise. since you're still on the smaller side of the recommended.
  3. what audiofanaticz said. many working parts many variables. if you do a bandpass do a 4th order. it's much simpler but still produces great output when done correctly.
  4. two small lengths of 2x2 would do the job just fine.
  5. fold the port on one side. that way it won't be up against the sub and have potential unloading issues.
  6. i'm not an expert by a long shot but i will tell you 5" of port per cube is very small. if you put 1k to it, it will not perform well. it needs to breath.
  7. as long as you have room for excursion sounds like you're on the right path. i would increase the port size a little. at 3x6.75 you are in the neighborhood of 5 inches per cube. that is very low. try two 5" round ports. that nets you around 9-10" per cube which will cause far less port noise issues. that way if you want to change tuning it's as simple as sliding it out and sliding a different one in.
  8. i helped a member here a few years back do a 4th order with 4 of the v1's in a civic coupe. took up the entire trunk. powered them on an amprere audio 3500. did low 50's on music. want to say it did a 54 on burp. it was brutal.
  9. my answer is yet another question. what 15 in 4 cubes is shallow enough to fit back there? i haven't been in but a couple mega cabs but they don't seem to have the depth for a beastly 15.
  10. bump. need to move this. someone has to want a work truck with beats.
  11. sounds like a better option. pointless to have them on if the dome light is on. keep the pics coming man.
  12. yep this is a good build. the back lit mids? what triggers the leds?
  13. i am not looking to break this package up. this is a one stop shop listing. the sub is a 10" MTX thunder 4500. amp is a dual xpa2500. everything is bench tested and 100% operational. had a customer of mine come in and need some tuning work done. was short some cash and left his old sub and amp behind as payment. since then i built the slotted enclosure and get an 8ga wiring kit. cosmetically the sub is an 8. the amp is a 7. the box is new so like 9.5. amp kit is new. mids are an 8. i am selling this locally for $160. so that is what i am listing it for here plus shipping. i ship UPS and always insure for purchase price. i have done a few estimates and shipping would be around $50. if paypal payment is made at $220. i would send back what ever isn't used in freight or paypal fees. so less a deck you could have a full stereo replacement for about 200 bucks. not a bad work truck or first system for a kid. will get a photo with name card and date in the next few days. life is busy and i'm listing this from work.
  14. i'm building an in floor sub box. that will be completely stealth when done. the inside area that is the upper portion i need to figure out for roughly .85-.9 cu.ft. so if all the walls are 3/4" mdf and you use the curves noted in the drawing. what length or spacing would the red lines need to be to achieve the airspace needed. if the box was 3" internal and if the box was 3.75" internal height. so two variations. i'm using a JL TW5 shallow 13.5 sub. it's mounting depth is only 2.6". the lower portion of the drawing is where the amps and processor will be mounted. so i just need to know the variable of 3" and 3.75" to determine my final lay out. i hope that helps.