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  1. I don't think it would own a cvr.... how about a classic comp which is much more comparable. Even at that, the new sundown sub will most likely be an even lower price point. Compare it against an L7 if you want, but I just believe it should be more apples to apples.
  2. There was a lot more said all around that changes context a bit. Sometimes, context is everything.
  3. I successfully answered orionstang's question right off the bat and you started in on me again. Once again, you throw around a lot of opinions and assumptions and your internet buddies back you up. Congratulations, you won the internet battle! I tried to stick to the facts, including what I was told by the nice folks at sundown. That is all I ever try do. Some people just cant handle it.
  4. you shouldnt have removed my last reponses...they really set the record straight
  5. I'm sorry. Of course you didn't attack me, but you wanted to be part of the nerd bash too. Ammunition is limited and you reached into the dreaded spelling grenade pile. How's that working for you?
  6. Can anyone quote from this thread when I said I was never wrong?
  7. here we goooooo... When all else fails, attack spelling mistakes and typos!
  8. Steve Meade does not work for Ascendant Audio. I feel like he's more of a beta tester who gives them feedback about their woofers' strengths and weaknesses. Same thing i was thinking. He is kinda like a poster boy. Marketing strategy more than anything. Apparenty it works pretty well.
  9. Damn, nice amp, but it looks like I am going to get my whole pocket ripped off to get one.
  10. Nobody who is anybody is going to use AA fro DB Drag.... They are much more suited as daily drivers. Ascendant and Fi is a total of what... 4 people? 5 people? I have always known they are hard to get a hold of.
  11. EL OH EL you sure you didnt have a ib3? And its been said before, lack of motor strength from a 2.5" coil on a 18" cone isnt practical. Plus the sa line is probably the most popular line sundown has for dealer sales (guess). And most people who go to dealers arent looking for 18s. I have had a huge "crush" on sundown since fox_racin4 has been getting his stuff shipped to me lol. Cant wait for the new lines and new things happening this year The SA line is the most popular, but I am betting the E line will take over. If the 18s were produced, they would sell, Period. Online sales is the majority of Sundown sales anyways. An 18" sub in a vehicle isn't really practical in the first damn place. I would not run an SA18 in my car, but I still want to see it made... damn obsidian My comment holds true on the Fi. An SA has a bigger motor than the ssd... Huge Pole vent... lol... The cooling is so shitty that one of my buddies younger brothers burnt a 3" flatwound coil with nothing more than a short run of unfused 8 guage and a 500 watt rms amp in a pickup truck. He didn't burn it all the way though... he didn't have a chance... he suffered from that famous las vegas tinsel design after a few months. Switched to a measly SA and it is louder and not burnt at all. Sub is like new.
  12. That is very dissapointing. The obsidian 18 will sell very very well. Sure wish Sundown would follow suit. Price point near 250 shipped for an 18 and I am not talking FI ssd garbage either... My JL 6.5s had a bigger motor than those ssds had... with better cooling
  13. I am at or above the age of 18 and do not hold SMD responsible for anything i might see here. I realize i am responsible for keeping anyone under the age of 18 from viewing anything in this section using my account name and password. Screenname: VOPA First and last Initial of my Real Name: D.S. Age:28 Birthdate: 11/14/83 EDIT: I really thought the qualifier was 250 posts.... sorry
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