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  1. How is the sae1000d rated at 1000 rms and requires 120 amps of fusing, but the 600d is rated at 600 rms and only requires 50 amp of fusing? I have often wondered how the sax125.4 could make the power it claims to make with merely 2 30 amp fuses. Thanks for the insight!
  2. Neopro 10s are being sold ultra cheap... Like 2 for the reg price.... I didn't know these were actually older models. I guess that explains the cheapness. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-NEO-PRO-10-SUNDOWN-AUDIO-10-4-OHM-MIDRANGES-MIDS-DRIVERS-NEOPRO-10-PAIR-NEW-/121052364074 http://www.ebay.com/itm/PAIR-OF-NEO-PRO-10-V2-SUNDOWN-AUDIO-10-8-OHM-MIDBASS-SUB-MIDRANGES-DRIVERS-NEW-/130991268563?pt=Car_Speakers&hash=item1e7fb022d3 They seem to carry a lot of product! Impressive
  3. So, I continuously see "woofers ect" (the king on online sundown audio sales) listing products for well below MAP. 1. Is there anything wrong with these products? 2. How can they sell them so cheap? How come they don't have to follow the MAP pricing rules like everybody else? 3. How can they afford it (I have seen neo pro drivers listed for what is deemed as "below dealer cost") Are these some type of damaged or second grade products?
  4. I don't think it would own a cvr.... how about a classic comp which is much more comparable. Even at that, the new sundown sub will most likely be an even lower price point. Compare it against an L7 if you want, but I just believe it should be more apples to apples.
  5. Lowered the MAP on amps drastically... maybe the dealers get that same break on dealer cost?
  6. it is approx the same as other 0awg and current kinda depends on distance
  7. There was a lot more said all around that changes context a bit. Sometimes, context is everything.
  8. I successfully answered orionstang's question right off the bat and you started in on me again. Once again, you throw around a lot of opinions and assumptions and your internet buddies back you up. Congratulations, you won the internet battle! I tried to stick to the facts, including what I was told by the nice folks at sundown. That is all I ever try do. Some people just cant handle it.
  9. you shouldnt have removed my last reponses...they really set the record straight
  10. I'm sorry. Of course you didn't attack me, but you wanted to be part of the nerd bash too. Ammunition is limited and you reached into the dreaded spelling grenade pile. How's that working for you?
  11. Can anyone quote from this thread when I said I was never wrong?
  12. here we goooooo... When all else fails, attack spelling mistakes and typos!
  13. The new sundown multi-channel will be capable.
  14. I love Sundown, but it is quite obvious thst their customer service has been suffering. This happens with all companies though. I am used to it. Seems as if Sundown has gotten too big for their briches and/or they are under-staffed/disorganized/under-funded
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