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  1. I’m going to have an XS SB500-34R for a front battery. One run of 1/0 with a 300a fuse to the rear. Running 2 1/0 fused 200a each to the 40ah lithium bank. Fusing 2 1/0 runs 200a each to a Soundqubed 4500. Also a run to a Boston GT 4100 from the rear lithium bank. Stock 130a alternator. What do you guys think of this? Thanks for any help!
  2. Grabbed an Audiocontrol dq-61 and that seems like it should work great. Anyone have experience with this dsp?
  3. I am keeping my factory hu and am going to be installing 2 amps (4 channel and mono). I know there is an anc that will need to be unplugged but I need to know what I need to correct the balanced inputs issue. I was recommended a DD SC 6.1. Is that all I need or is there something else. Someone in a Accord forum said there’s an adapter that connects to the factory harness and then to get whatever Audio Control/dsp of my choice. Seems like the DD unit is cheaper and one less step. Does anyone know and can give some kind of explanation as to how it all works.
  4. Almost all Evil Pimp, if you havent heard of him you need to rip your woofers out lol... Most of Twisted Insane's music Koopsta Knicca-Voodoo Village, Hoe Dont Violate X-Raided-Macaframa and Mortal Kombat are classics! Brotha Lynch- Siccmade, Rocc the Mic, Situation, Heataz, too may to list... DJ Paul-Scale a ton album Gangsta Blac- Powder, Gettin Real Buck Bleezo- The Savageness and his and Sav Sicc's cd T-Rock has hitters on every damn cd, cant pick one that is better than another Creep Lo- Drop it Off, Check it at the Doe Tweek- Julio, Deathmatch C-Mob- Shadows of Death Tre Sins- City of Sin cd Criminal Manne- Neighborhood Dope Manne cd I hope some of you one here have heard some of this or will look it up and check it out. It blows away the mainstream bullshit that is out there these days. Im about to check out the new DJ Paul tomorrow, hopefully theres a few good tracks on it... Hes gone a lot closer to mainstream that he ever should've. If anyone has good underground suggestions send em my way!
  5. Kicker ZR240... Had a buddy almost 15 yrs ago with one in an Eclipse with 3 Eclipse 87 series 15's doing 148's. That made me want one real bad for being very small power!
  6. Its in a trailblazer. I know you gotta pay to play, its a grown mans game!!! Unless I swap to a single amp im stuck running .5 on the 2 2200's. The stock alt is actually a 150A so its not too bad for a stock. Ive also considered a singer...not really sure that any alts are unbelieveably better than others for a given price. Ive seen great track records of them both.
  7. It sometimes stops running while im driving i think because it will go from the 13's down to low 12's and not back up for several minutes even after turning the system off. Not sure how to diagnose if alt is on the outs...
  8. I already have over 3k in it which isnt much to some people just looking for at maybe slowly down the line adding on. I think the alt will be first... As it stands now i drop as low as 12 when my alt isnt running but usually no lower than 13.1
  9. I only use it as a daily, no comps. My thoughts for upgrading electrical were adding a dc270, and adding another battery. I wanted to swap the 2400 for a d3100 but i think the current draw will be too much for just one 3100. I also really dont want to add another 1/0 run. This is a solid 1000-1500 ill have to shell out just to double power. Dont know if Im willing to sink that much more in it.
  10. Not adding 2 more amps just one. One woofer on each amp at .5...Can only run dual 1 at .5 or 2 ohms per amp. Not really wanting to strap the amps unless running at 1 ohm between them is ok even though they are rated at 2 strapped. I know they can do .5 each all day from what tons of people out there say.
  11. I currently run 2 hdc3 18's dual 1 on one aq 2200. Would like to maybe in the future add another and run them at .5 each. I have a d3400 up front and a kinetik 2400 in the back...stock alt as of now. I have a few thoughts as to how to run it but just wanted some other opinions to think about.
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