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  1. I had a printed shipping label for which he got tracking info for. Except I never got around to shipping it because I left the country because of my grandpas medical poblems.
  2. Sorry, I havent really had time since I have been having to go to work early and have no one to drop off the package. But today I'm going in later and I'll ship it midday, and then after the delivery I'll refund you the 20$. Again I'm sorry I haven't really been keeping you updated and know the frustration, I have sold a lot of high ticket items on here on the past and it would be dumb to "scam" you for 60$.
  3. I had one of those subs in my altima. They sound best when in 2.5 cubes tuned to 33hz. I had a similar amp as well. It should be a very nice setup what your planning.
  4. Its the iphone 4 but the 32gb. And yeah once you restore its back to original if you dont want jailbreak.
  5. I have two iPhones up for sale, I had gotten the AT&T (16gb) one to modify it. I was going to unlock it but found out it can only be factory unlocked. And well what ended up happening was I bought a black mid frame had it installed and pretty much how it sits right now. I was going to put it on straight talk but i just upgraded my sprint phone. Straight Talk is a provider that piggybacks off of ATT so you do not have to be unlocked to run it. It is Jailbroken and has siri installed. But its not a 4s. It looks super clean because everything is black it looks smaller than the over phone I have. Verizon: This is a verizon 32gb iPhone it has a clean esn and ready to roll! Everything is great on this phone and it is all normal like a normal iPhone. And well I got this phone because I heard that sprint could activate verizon iPhones and well they can't so Im stuck with it. Has no issues. It is jailbroken and has siri installed. I give both an 8.5/10, but function 100%. The att has some home button problems but it still works it just needs to be pressed a little harder. Batteries last a long time. Price: 315 Shipped for the VZW 32GB iPhone 295 Shipped ATT iPhone Only accessories I have is the usb cable. No other thing included. I will ship in a Priority mail box with delivery confirmation
  6. funny cus one of my cousins has a similar problem. Its not the HID's its something else because his always go out everytime i see him only one beam is on lol. Whats even weirder is that he has an 03 chevy aswell there might be a flaw google searching may help you.
  7. sucks im only 16 but yet i have like 3k worth of shit in my room so i rarely go out.....even though my town is a ghost town lol
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