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  1. haha i love the "macintrash" arguments.. if only they knew i had 4gb ram and 500gb hdd in my tiny ass laptop
  2. usb ports are like VA-J's aint never enough of em... and this isn't a windows vs mac vs linux thread.. just showing off the type of work i do
  3. well yeah their expensive.. but it's worth it.. and if you ever want to get away from windows, onto something more user friendly. and secure, which is linux.. you can throw it on any pc.. it works pretty much exactly how OSX on the macs work.. you can even make it look like a mac. fuck microsoft
  4. tomorrow is another payday for me

  5. i also have a mac mini, it's been the best computer i've ever had, and it's 5 years old still running on stock install.. but i don't even touch anything with a microsoft logo on it.. unless i'm downloading it
  6. i personally don't like it at all.. only has one usb port.. i need atleast 4.. my brand new macbook only has 2 and i hate that..
  7. One of my buddies, knowing that i'm an Apple expert, got in touch with this girl that needed her macbook fixed.. heres what got dropped off, she said be careful with the 400 dollar coach case it's thinner than my wallet? should get rid of some of those cards
  8. that's turn signal fluid dawg.. make sure you keep those bulbs flashing
  9. no, im the mechanic at the dealership.. some one traded it in, for a new car.. then it blew up before some one else bought it. so im fixing it
  10. yeah ray works very far from where he lives.. atleast i don't have to put on snow chains like he does though..
  11. i'll be uploading pictures as i go along with the removal and installation of a brand new long block in this 2006 dodge hemi charger let me know what you think so this got traded in for a new car at the dealership.. i put some tires on it.. 2 weeks later i get a phone call from a salesman driving it.. motor is making weird noises.. lots of black smoke.. fuck.. preparing to remove the 5.7 liter dodge hemi charger v8 head off for inspection holes in pistons.. hmm that is a simple diagnosis of why there was much power, and compression loss.. plus explains why it's running so shitty.. i'll have more pics later today when i do some more work on it..
  12. yeah i know ray has a drive like mine too.. so makes me feel better than im not the only one doing it.. and the music in the video, you are hearing through one working 6.5 inch coaxil with a broken tweeter.. yay no bass
  13. i was bored this morning, made this video while i was forced to go no where on the 210 freeway in socal at like 7am 2 hours, eighty miles each way to work ftmfl.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tuxhv7lXUa4
  14. we need to get some one from the down south to translate.. i do listen to gucci mane btw..
  15. i don't know what he's warning us about.. but damn we should watch out broom stick up the ass..
  16. i heard them, they are alright.. would i buy them for the price.. fuck no, theres others for cheaper
  17. haha that quote you got of me in your sig is fucking awesome!

  18. i'll download it for you, burn it and ship it for 10 bucks
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