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  1. Well that sucks, ive never heard of an amp doing that :/ can you claim that under warrenty ? i hope it all gets sorted out nice and easy for you
  2. is there any updates on this ? this is big motivation for me to build a similar style 4th order in my car and wouldn't mind seeing how it turned out
  3. i See you Changed the box design to the one you showed me looks promising mate, if you need an extra pair of hands im always willing to help.
  4. We'll be in Echuca in 2 weeks, but might make it up to a Frankie's event before SummerNats...but we will 100% be at SummerNats again!!! if this is going Frankies i will be there, and i will be at summernats aswell last time all the boys from VIC went to frankies it was a pretty good show.
  5. Thats a deep song, it got me more than a little
  6. Ive seen the movie released over here in Aus about 5 days ago and i dont recall seeing anything second skin lol
  7. My Musical Stage for now is 2 sets of Hertz HSK 165 powered off a Mosconi 100.4 and hopefully a Mosconi 6to8 Processor or a Bit One, and numbers doesnt really matter to me for this just want a real nice sounding system. Any Sub Suggestions ? That Amp looks nice, and i dont think i can get AA over here in Australia
  8. So im looking into building a nice SQ substage for my car. im looking into running anywhere from 750-1200rms on a single 12" subwoofer (sealed) and hoping for the best sq as possible. im willing to pay anything from $500- 1000 for the Amp and around the$250- 500 mark for the sub. these are some of the amps ive been looking into and the sub Sub: http://www.woofersetc.com/p-7341-fl12d2-arc-audio-12-1000-watt-dual-2-ohm-subwoofer.aspx Amps: http://www.woofersetc.com/p-10125-hd12001-jl-audio-monoblock-hd-series-subwoofer-amplifier.aspx http://www.woofersetc.com/p-10077-minotaur-zed-audio-monoblock-1000w-rms-amplifier.aspx Any help will be much appreciated guys Thanks
  9. So this songs peaks at 37hz @ 0.3db enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weByPVlfT_0
  10. I hope these are out sometime around august, will be purchasing 2 sa 8 v.2's around that time but if these are out or close to it im going to wait
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