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  1. Ive seen the movie released over here in Aus about 5 days ago and i dont recall seeing anything second skin lol
  2. I hope these are out sometime around august, will be purchasing 2 sa 8 v.2's around that time but if these are out or close to it im going to wait
  3. im with this guy here ^^ replace whole transmission or buy the whole fckn car cos most likely other shit is gunna start fucking up now. this is why i dont go to mechanics
  4. im not 100% sure but it looks like he gets cardboard and cuts it out until it shapes whatever the wood is going to be around than puts cut out cardboard on mdf and traces it out, this giving him the shape he needs for the panel to fit nice and perfect
  5. you got some nice craftsmanship man, looks real nice and clean, wish you put a build log up of your excel though ohh i gotta ask what state in Aus, Im in sydney myself
  6. uhm depends on how much power your running cos the skar ivx's will be happy on around 800watts, the dc level 3's will be happy on about 2000watts theres a big difference there ?
  7. 2morro i have a day off might try to capture some stay posted
  8. im with haters on this one this shit hits low and hard was shaking everything inside my car, to bad my camera doesnt pick up flex
  9. i say if the punani is good go back until you find someone else, that way your getting some atleast ?
  10. how does one if these enclosures even work, and what are the advantages of using this type of enclosure ?
  11. haha how do people find songs like this lol, does sound like it hits pretty low, might try it out on my system jjust once dont think i could bump this all the time
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