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  1. 55437Audio

    SBN 2011

    I just Registered bass boxing for the experience, don't expect to win anything more then an experience! . I will be there for sure first show ever why not be at sbn for it! hopefully the plan to meet and greet will go through I'm down for that.
  2. No acually wish I had more as soon as it starts hitting hard the volts drop down. :/ Maybe. Regulator for my alt?!
  3. Your box looks crazy man. Finally got to check it out. Shoulda brought I down. I bet that Shit would be nice low.
  4. From eBay I bought them in a "lot" of 100. Ya I live in Bloomington. Be back in apr though when it starts getting warm again . Thanx Ben! I'm down enjoying Florida with Ben (bdubii)
  5. Another random Video, Had to get tint fixed on Passenger side so No rollin that one down for a little while :/
  6. Yes they are 2 little Phillips spots on back to adjust it. Worked great and ya matched it to dmm.
  7. eBay under digital volt meter 20v dc lol idk there was a bunch right around 10$
  8. Haha ya I just like to say I did. Not to mention didn't wana wait a week for shipping. Lol but those strips would work way nice.
  9. Led's in the J-Trak Ya i want to deaden it better right now i have 1 coat of P & S and then 2 layers of frost king over that This is what i have now i plan on doing it with real deadner when i do my door panels, but this will do for now And thanks for the support and Appreciation
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