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  1. Good thing I asked I didn't think so either but I really appreciate your guys's help.
  2. so before I buy another 13 ANL fuse holders and spend 260$ quick can I get a second on the answers above! HeHe gotta do what you gotta do, I understand that. just not a fan of wasting
  3. damn the one that is gunna piss my off is the 3 Battery bank in back all close to each other, I'm doing 2 runs of pos and neg, so I should fuse the 1' Long wires then huh?
  4. Should I Fuse the wire coming from my Alternator to Battery. Is it necessary to fuse in between battery's if they them self's will be right next to each other, wires just long enough to parallel them together... Is it necessary to Fuse the wire more then once going to the Amp if it is no longer then 2'? if you have questions about my build to verify the answers for above click the link in my sig or I will just answer it. Thanks Fellas, Austin
  5. lol just deck pullers try what sanitarium said i never thought of that one don't go jamming it in though haha
  6. well best buy may have them, or ultimate electronics may, if no prevail contact the deck company.
  7. hmm I guess I tried haha sounds dumb but did you make sure sub on, on the deck? All I can think of is the decks rca's are goofy..
  8. haha I would not do anything besides the tools for the deck start with what you can I guess. check amps rca power settings, used amp? have you herd it working before?
  9. Ya Jl a decent brand it's just the whole idea of spending ALOT more on the "same" or lesser product. IMO only.
  10. The kickers I had worked just fine never got to compare to anything else though.
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