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  1. Where can I find one of those nifty suitcases to store my DD-1 and CC-1 in?
  2. Ditto what's been said. The 'birch' ply from HD is just birch laminate, with white pine core. Has lots of voids and is a pretty soft wood = not good for woofer box...
  3. Box volume is actually not part of the equation for calculating necessary port area. It comes down to the acoustic power of the woofer and the tuning frequency (which 'is' a fuction of box volume - but dosen't change port velocity). The formula for port velocity is: (13.7 * SQRT(W)) / Fb x R squared where W = acoustic power of woofer Fb = tuning R = radius of port I would also argue Infinite Baffle is the best sq alignment - but kinda rare in usage these days...
  4. 146.4 - single soloX 10" on 520 watts (MWSPL style)
  5. @Sundownz If someone were able to get you a serial # off a product, are you able to trace where they got it from?
  6. Hey Stefan - can you make it so it doesn't erase all the fields after you hit 'calculate'? Annoying to have to type it all in over and over when just wanting to change a variable here and there.
  7. The MWSPL event calendar is slowly filling in for the 2012 season - be sure to check it often folks!
  8. Contact Adam Prange regarding getting more shows up north... The big thing will be getting a retailer involved - to host the show. http://midwestspl.ipower.com/Retailershoopla/contact.htm
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