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  1. Where can I find one of those nifty suitcases to store my DD-1 and CC-1 in?
  2. @Sundownz If someone were able to get you a serial # off a product, are you able to trace where they got it from?
  3. www.midwestspl.com Several shows coming up in northern Oklahoma - and several in KC area if your willing to drive.
  4. n8skow

    mojo 5kw

    I believe 1800 was MSRP, most of the shops I've seen them actually sold around 1200ish
  5. n8skow

    mojo 5kw

    Mmmm, $200 for a 4k? I'd be extremely skeptical.... He snag it from a police auction or something?
  6. n8skow

    mojo 5kw

    Memphis does not make a '5k'... The Mojo4k (specifically the 16-MC1.4000) is rated at 4000x1 at 1-ohm. These can be modded to to do about 4500 watts, but of course will void the factory warranty. A fair heads-up on this particular amp though, the failure rate is pretty high, it's rare to see one of these re-sold (used) that hasn't been rebuilt by a 3rd party. The Mojo 2500 is far more reliable, honestly I'd do a pair of those if your needing a good amount of power - vs. the 4k... As far as price, is he selling it as 'new' and with warranty? Retail price I believe is $1200ish, but not sure what kind of deal he's planning to cut with you. Used, they go for $500-$600ish depending on condition and year.
  7. Varies from car to car. Is this for music? Subs up, port to either back or driver side. As for bracing, do you own a router? I'd slap another sheet of wood over the current baffle vs. bracing with dowel or all-thread...
  8. Hey nate I know you but do me a flavor and p.m. him about it. Thanx man
  9. Buddy of mine in eastern Missouri has 4 used for sale... $1500 each + shipping http://splcomp.probo...lay&thread=3838 You'll have to talk to him about warranty - I think 2 are fairly new...
  10. I've got a 2nd gen Mojo that does 2000 watts at 2-ohms (on 13.8 volts) $300 to your door
  11. 2nd gen Memphis Mojo2k (orange flame) 2000 watts at 2-ohms $300 to your door
  12. Memphis Mojo 2k - 2000 watts at 2-ohms $300 to your door
  13. yah, I've got it up on several forums... found dis on google http://splcomp.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=sale&action=display&thread=3377
  14. Memphis Mojo 2k (orange flame) 2000 watts at 2-ohms $300 shipped continental US
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