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  1. Now I'm not much of a suspension guy, but a friend of mine picked up a wrecked '06 Chevy Colorado for dirt cheap. He wants to turn it into a daily driver, but still be able to drive it to Waynoka at the Little Sahara and plow through the whoops and some of the larger dunes. We've looked into long-travel kits, but the best we could find was over $3k for just A-arms. I'll just cut to the chase, we want to build something we can drive the shit out of! He has a bunch of tube frame left over from his roll cage design, and we were wondering how hard it would be to do away with the old rear suspension, and fab up new ones on the bedcage for more travel? Between my buddy and I, we have all the parts and tools to build a bedcage and front suspension mounts. We're not sure if it's something we want to start a build log on yet, but it's concidered if this build goes the right way!
  2. This last weekend, I saw a post from someone I used to go to school with on my newsfeed on Facebook that said "Holy crap! They found a body in the ditch by Campus High!"... Well, yesterday our insurance agent (who is also my mother's best friend) called and told my mom that the person they found was actually the woman who had babysat me and my best friend when we were little. She suffered blunt force trauma to the head and the asshole dumped her off on the side of the road. Some people just make me irate, my best friend is still, literally, sick on her stomach after this ordeal. The 5-0 did catch him, and he is locked up on first degree murder charges. My cousin works in the Sedgwick County jail as a detaining officer and locked his sorry ass away. Some people just make me sick.
  3. Lucky4Designs

    8" Level 2 recone question

    Anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Now I'm not much of a wheel/tire guy, but I am wanting to go Hellaflush with my '01 Corolla (ZERO Hellaflushed Corollas in my area!) but I don't know much about wheel offset, backspacings, etc... I've also considered ordering fender flares and wheel spacers to give it a better looking stance. I know a few things for sure though: Looking into 16's, maybe 17's. Wheel info (as quoted from, "hard to find wheel fitments" section): Corolla 86 to 01 4×100 35 to 45 54.1 . Anyone have some suggestions?
  5. Lucky4Designs

    8" Level 2 recone question

    I'm in the final steps of my recone, but the new drop in kit is giving me some hassles... The leads are a bit long and when I go for a test fit, the leadwires fold up and almost touch the underside of the surround. Would it hurt to trim them down at all? Also, my woman threw away one of my old shipping boxes that had my recone stuffs in it so I am short on shims. What's the best thing I could use for properly aligning the coil? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  6. Lucky4Designs

    WTB: 8" DC Audio Lvl 2

    Looking to buy (1) 8" DC Audio Lvl 2 . I have one right now, but I'm not sure on the impedance. A friend of mine had three and offered to give me one in exchange for a box build, so I have the one now. In the meantime, I've got some extra cash to throw around so I'm looking for a second. I will update when I get my multimeter back and find out what coil setup this little beast has. I have a check waiting for deposit, from there it will be in my PayPal and will be ready by Tuesday or so. The one I currently have is the older version, domed dustcap and doesn't have the spacers between the basket and motor. Single pole vent. Please PM or reply with your best price shipped to 67212. Thanks!
  7. Lucky4Designs


    I got to meet Tech at the Cotillion not too long ago, the concert was dope as hell. iMayday! was there, Krizz Kaliko, Tech N9ne, Machine Gun Kelly, 816 Boyz, and a couple others, crowd surfed to the front of the stage and shook hands with MGK!
  8. Lucky4Designs

    The Constant Bass Line Thread / Post Songs & Frequencys!

    "Check Yo Bitch" - Kingspade has some really good, steady low bass. Not sure on the frequency though. "Get High" - Lil Wyte is also pretty steady in some upper frequencies. (Don't mistake this "Get High" from "Get High to this") Lol
  9. Well, I applied for a credit card at the bank my cousin works at last week and got accepted (18 and haven't built credit yet lol). My first purchase was my 90-day challenge kit. After I bought it, I thought it would be a fun topic to post to the forums! What was your very first purchase?
  10. Lucky4Designs

    Rims or subs? help!

    Just my .2c, but I would rather have the outside of my car attractive than attention on the inside. 9 times out of 10, I would go with subs, but this time (in comparison to rims) I choose rims because people aren't going to steal 4 rims very easily, that takes time and tools. On the other hand, anyone can break a window, pop a trunk, rip out some wires, and run off with the goodies before you can even open the front door...
  11. Considering different routes for the 'Rolla. Would like to keep the back seat, but would also like a wall there....

  12. Considering different routes for the 'Rolla. Would like to keep the back seat, but would also like a wall there....

  13. Beautiful work, MAJOR props! I have a love for artwork of all types, pinstriping being one of my personal favorites, and this is hands down the best work I've ever seen in my life.