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  1. Lookin forward to the real test. I've got a DD M4 on my HDC415 in a 3.75 cu ft box and it really pushes that thing pretty good. What is different about this edition of the sub? I noticed a carbon cone and not just the cap, which is awesome.
  2. The company I work for is on the list of places they want to protest. Everyone is taking the whole thing pretty seriously around here.
  3. But the question doesn't make any sense unless used in the context of competing. Why on earth would it not be ok to build a box higher than the window line if you didn't care about competing? Visibility? Just use as much space as you're willing to sacrifice and call it a day.
  4. Why anyone would buy this amp is beyond me...
  5. I'm probably in the minority here but I strongly recommend against walling your daily driver if it's a hatchback. Hatchbacks just weren't designed for that much weight and it shows. Im not talking about sag either. I'm talking about the damn car being able to move in the forward direction, make turns, stopping.. etc... I will never wall another daily driver unless its a truck or suv that is designed to carry a load.
  6. Unless you are planning on competing, the window line doesn't matter. Use as much space as you can!
  7. The sad thing is with all the shit wrong with this country all the stoner's are worried about is the ability to get high legally. Don't worry about creating jobs, or taxes, or education, foreign policy,or the many other problems we have just worry about getting high. That's not the only thing we worry about but you have to admit it is a pretty big deal right now and it's going to be talked about. Get used to it.
  8. I would vote if I gave a fuck about my state. Thing is, I don't and I'm moving in less than 6 months. Good luck to you Missouri peeps but I'm getting the fuck outta here!
  9. Every build I've ever had has seemed louder in the summer than in the winter. Let's get this winter over with already..
  10. Under 12 and I turn it down. For the elitists out there.. Not all of us can fit a bank of 10 batts and multiple alts on our vehicles so we do what we can.
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