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  1. The FOV slider was added with a day one patch. I'm well aware...
  2. I played it a little bit yesterday. For PC gamers: I was not able to get crossfire working with the game. Gonna have to wait for a profile or update. There is no FOV slider. You can edit the fov by editing an xml file in your documents folder. Eyefinity works out of the box but there are a couple graphical quirks. Use SMAA for ambient occlusion or you may get weird lighting effects. After I figured out all those things the game looks and runs pretty well. Can't really comment on gameplay yet but the main antagonist seems like a crazy sonofabitch so far.
  3. You know, I think this may be worth a shot. It is the same battery I've had in it since the beginning. This is something worth trying.
  4. Before you read, please keep an open mind. I am super hesitant to post this because of the internet mob mentality and people are just going to flame me for this but I am not a believer in the DD1. I have had the DD1 for over a year and every single time I use it to set the gains on either a high's amp or a sub amp it still leaves me with a distorted signal. The unit SAYS it isn't clipping, but then you hook the subs back up and turn it up to the 'maximum undistorted signal' and you can still smell the coils. This isn't user error. The unit is stupid easy to use and that's one of the reasons I wanted to like it so much. Here is how I use it. 1. plug rca's from head unit directly into dd1 and play track 1, turn up until clipping, then back down a notch and record number. 2. play track 2 and turn up until clipping, then back down a notch and record number. 3. average 2 numbers to get max undistorted head unit volume. next (for highs) 4. connect red terminal to speaker plus output of amp and black alligator clip to amp ground. 5. play track 4 and turn head unit volume to max undistorted output and turn gain up until clipping, then back down a notch. 6. connect speakers and you should be able to play them at max undistorted volume without clipping. Things to consider... a. I do all this with vehicle running. b. All of the music I listen to comes from google play music. It is music that google has stored on their servers and not music I have uploaded to a cloud account. c. yes, when setting the gains i set all crossovers to full and open the frequencies wide up. I turn off bass boosts and things of that sort. Even after following every step, it still manages to fuck up speakers. I just got done 'tuning' my buddies install that we've been working on and we unded up frying 3 of the super tweeters and the subs smelled like they were cooking. I couldn't even get the volume to be within 5 notches of where the dd1 claimed it could be undistorted. The mids sounded all distorted, the super tweeters blew, and the subs started smelling, all within a minute or two of testing. I'm honestly better off setting gains by ear. Can anyone see anything wrong with the way I'm using it or what? I want to like it but at the moment I don't believe it works.
  5. Damn dude! That kinda sucks. My car has a smalllllllllll 4 banger in it so if I'm doing 60 mph down the interstate, im at 2500 rpms and if I do 70 mph then its closer to 3k rpms.
  6. lololol you serious? buddy of mine has a crown vic with the 4.6 and has a dc power 270xp on it. i never heard his belt make so much as a peep when demoing full tilt with 20k. i think i know your buddy there pretty well lol... ask that fucker did he gets those leads changed out and the new coils like i said LOL i think he's got the new leads now...on just two subs though awesome.. hopefully he will get those other 2 swapped out.. he will notice a change in sound as well as better cooling all together.. Those coils were ninja tested and approved the coils are changed too? i thought it was just the lead change from sandwiched/stitched to foad. the ones that he had did not have the new updated coils ( which have been out for a while) from when i talked to him at slam.. when i was testing them before they were released they were night and day different.. have a different ( better) sound as well as improved cooling from before which in his application he needs because he gets them bitches warm.. but i guess any sub would when your throwing a fucking 5500 to them at .5 LOL he is in my top fucking 2 cars EVER.. .5? bruh dont you mean .33 cause of dem Fi .7 coils? you were at slam wtf i didnt see you. cue ninja joke. edit: did you get a demo with the passenger seat out? hurt butts literally. Dude I sat in that thing at slam with the seat out facing the wall. It was definitely one of the most intense demo's I got at slam. Really had to tighten up my chest to hide the pain.
  7. I was waiting for someone to say this what if you are drunk enough to think the car is moving ? Then I'm most certainly fucked and I will blow all my amps.
  8. I think I'm one of the 1% that doesn't give a shit what my alt does at idle. Singer told me my alt hits peak output between 1500-2k and that's perfect for me. I don't go to shows anymore which means I don't sit there and bump, and I don't bump at stoplights or when sitting in the driveway. If I'm bassin, the car is moving, and if the car is moving I'm certainly over 1500 rpms. Every application is different. Not everyone needs to focus on idle output.
  9. This is a great video to show people exactly how NOT to act when officers have their guns drawn on you. That idiot deserves to be dead.
  10. There are other things to consider, but in this scenario, yes, it is worth it to me to spend the extra 226 to have a sub with some character. Looks will always be a factor for me and I cringe every time I see a new sub with this basket.
  11. Why don't we stop comparing him to sundown? It's a 12 spoke basket and a magnet with extended back plate like everyone else. Good looking sub guys!! I love the hate on this 12 spoke basket...but everyone else's 12 spoke basket (identical basket) is ok somehow. why is it only a problem when he does it? Its not. I hate this basket no matter which brand uses it. Has nothing to do with skar.
  12. The latest I've read is that the police have stopped their tactics against the protestors to let them do their thing, but of course it has to be done peacefully. The moment violence and theft breaks out, I'm all for them using tear gas and rubber bullets.
  13. Yea Steve. I live in St. Louis and all this shit happened not but a few miles north where I live. Saint Louis really freaks out when something big happens and It's downright disgusting what those looters did. The cops aren't just walking around here picking on people. That dude made a bad decision and he paid for it dearly. They are just now getting on the same page as the protesters.
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