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  1. Sounds like hes never bagged your type of truck I wouldnt goto him unless hes helping you in your garage. Why pay some one to learn on your ride?
  2. I hear its better to get one or 2 treatments to lighten it up then have it covered up. thats if its real dark.
  3. yea take that back! At least here youll at least get the right answer un like realmofconfusion
  4. considering there was 3 other shows that day it did grate lol. The city was impressed and gonna let us do it up big next year. Every one wants it moved to the spring time tho. i need to start a thread soon.
  5. I did and I would do it again. When I got out of high school me and my boys came up on a house like that. We had a half pipe in the back a bmx track and all kinds of crazy shit to kill our selfs on. we had a run down shack for a garage but built some of the craziest shit in there. it was fucking grate. we didnt drink or do drugs and all the locals and cops new it so we got in zero trouble. all the high school kids would come over and raise hell on there bikes it was grate. I even had a cop bring over so steal in his trunk he had found it while on duty and knew we could use it. Man those were good times. bmx bikes in the living room the lights dimming from some one welding in the garage some pore kid doing his home work on one of the computers kids lighting off fire works in the street. It was just a crazy shack were we all could be our selfs and not goto jail. Id rent that place in a hart beat.
  6. Big P


    lol at the comments.
  7. Big P


    you bring any cars to the show tomorrow?
  8. just bag it and drag it and stop worrying about fashion
  9. Im not saying any thing because assmans first line he warned every one and didn't ask for opinions. I would like the same respect in my posts
  10. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/public/style_emoticons/default/01nocomment8so.gif
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