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  1. whats the email addy you used for paypal we can track it.
  2. Sounds like hes never bagged your type of truck I wouldnt goto him unless hes helping you in your garage. Why pay some one to learn on your ride?
  3. no you dont have to know what wheel size when ordering. there all the same. You just have small adjustments you can do. dual port has 2 holes on top for the air to go in single port has one hole on top
  4. the KP 6 link is preaty much idiot proof. It comes with instructions on how to set your pinion angle. The 6 link rides tons better than if you were to put the bags over the axles. Im not a fan of were they have the bags placed but in order to keep the stock gas tank location and have a bolt on kit thats safe and reliable thats what you get. I have seen people put 18s on there trucks and not cut there wheel wells. If your Going to need your bed your going to be stuck with a small tire. Nothing wrong with that. A pimp would buy the SD Tub and notch cover kit tho. hehe for fittings I would call FBI ive spent hours and hours talking to those guys and there very cool. Ive also sent tons of people there for fittings and the folks at fbi got them set up right the first time every time. www.fbirides.com Tell Dan Big P sent you and tell him I said hes a sexy bitch lol
  5. yes but the 6 link version. The 6 link version adds 2 extra bars for the air bags to mount to. Its 100 % bolt in to.
  6. Not if you do a small notch under the bed or a bolt in notch youll have to cut for the pumpkin a little tho.
  7. I would go with a KP 6 link thers zero welding and they sit under the bed more.
  8. http://streetsource.com/IM/ViewUser.aspx?I...MazberryDelight
  9. Contact mazberrydelight on www.streetsourcemagazine.com He does awesome work out of garage.
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