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  1. Gift me the cap? It would go GREAT with my build (I'll even pay shipping )
  2. Had to put together some new shelves for the growing collection. 2nd Place for my truck at the car show, 1st place lightweight bass boxing and 1st place advanced no wall idbl (by default unfortunately) Finally hooked up all my 1/0 Made my own little nifty fuse holder "rack" Picked up a hydraulic crimper which makes doing all this 1/0 SOOOOOO much easier, probably one of the best purchases I have made for installations, works from 14awg all the way down to 1/0
  3. 97ssblazer does some pretty decent hair tricks with 2 13w7s on a t2500bdcp in his 2001 impala with a blow through from the trunk
  4. I'll nominate myself, I could really use the 8's to get the system doing in my car, the only missing component I have http://www.stevemead...re/page__st__60 2 BTL/PSI 18s 2 RF T2500-1bd's 1 RF T1000-4 (Front doors and back wall) 1 RF T400-4 (Dash and back doors) 1 RF 3Sixty.2 10 Alpine Type-S 6.5s (Will be 12) 3+ / 3- AudioTechnix 1/0 CCA Singer 350 Alt "Chome look" powdercoat JVC KW-AV60BT (Will be) Optima Yellow 34/78 up front w/ 2 Deka 9A31s in the back (trying to get 2 more)
  5. Well that's cause it is LoL thinking about building something different though. Something a little shallower and a little shorter. I was talkin to David at PSI last night and he said they would kill in a 4th order so I'm seriously thinking about that in a cwall. He said 3sealed per and 2.5 ported per @ 53hz. I'm gonna do some more checking on this whole 4th order thing but that is lookin like a real possibility
  6. I'll try and find the pics of what I had to cut out later on today for ya just in case
  7. Thanks! I'm thinking about getting rid of it. I want something bigger like a Tahoe. I really want an escalade! If I keep it, I am going go try and find a 2wd frame and swap the body on to it so I can slam the **** out of it
  8. My buddy has a bravda the same color as yours. 97ssblazer was correct, no lift, just a lot of cutting. Fog light switch is just gone, I'm going to relay them off my headlights so when my headlights are on they are on. Bravadas 98+ were factory double din, should go right in.
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