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  1. Lots of people roll stocks steelies moonies hub cabs irocs vette camero extreme ss the list goes on. Some people throw white walls on there and leave it like that to. Its all a matter of taste. Theres pluses to like a stock s10 wheel and tire is the same size as a 20. Bag it and get it on the ground first. What good is $3000 worth of wheels and tires sitting on a under construction truck in your driveway?
  2. rail it customs makes custom tanks for cheap they can make it what ever size you want and even use your stock fuel pump.
  3. Yeaup. Theres some on s10 forum for cheap right now. When you see some one hopping a s10 you know they went thru probably twice as much work to get that hight.
  4. na its rather easy. You just have to have the smog for that year motor. You have to swap the year of your truck or newer. So to make things simple im going to find a v8 out of 1997 impala camero cop car or caprice wagon. when I pull the motor i will pull and the o2 sensors and cats as well. After the install ill drive it until it get close to smog time then I will goto the local smog referee if it passes inspection he will put a plate in the door. The when ever i go to get it smoged the smog tech will run the smog test according to the specifications in the door.
  5. im going down to a 6 in the rear. The angle of the A arm and were the bag sits on the a arm really kills it for S10s. It affects every thing just as much if not more then having just a lighter motor. Ive ridden in tons of 4 cylinder S10s with 2600 pound bags and they all ride to damn hard. S10 a arms dont come strait out they come out at a angle tords the cab. when you lay out the wheel actually goes back tords the cab. Look at a layed out s10 with stock arms you will see the front wheels dont sit strait in the wheel wells the angled a arms is why it does that also makes harder to hop them.
  6. I was thinking about going down to 6 because even with shocks its really soft and bouncy and it doesnt need much pressure changes to drastically change the ride hight Right now i think im driving the rear at 65 psi. 60 psi give or take and im dragging the ground.
  7. Yea i forgot lol. I cant help it my bags are like 3 or 4 years old lol the front bags came off another truck to. I might be time to change them out maybe. I found a split in my rear bags.
  8. A s10 frame in good shape not rusted can handle a v8 no problem. Dont forget a vortech v6 is nothing more than a v8 with 2 cylinders chopped off. Bagging and doing a v8 swap can be a really easy week end project. If you plan ahead it can be almost plug and play. Ive done one to pass smog and it was simple. Ive done a few v8 swaps that didnt need to be smoged and thats easier when dealing with odb1. 97 s10 Is the worst year to a swap in because you need to run 2 computers. the stock one for the speedometer and all that fun stuff and another to run the engine. Thats the year s10 I currently have It will get a v8 soon tho. I have a kit from advanced adapters and a computer and wire harness from Current Performance So as soon as I finish some other stuff on the truck a v8 will be in order. This web site should help you out tons http://www.v8s10.org/forum/index.php
  9. I would never use a Slam specialty's rs 6 on the front of a s10. s10 a arms are set back so the motion of the a arm and the placement of the bag causes a mechanical disadvantage for the air bag. A rs 6 also rides like hell. If its a v6 forget about. Its extreamly easy to cut a little extra in front for a rs 7 when you order your bag cups tell them you need them off set for rs7's. I would only run SD bolt in bag cups when off setting the bag. out back will depend on bag placement. Bag over the axle with a rs6 will be extremely hard. Im hearing good things about the dominator's when used over the axle. You might want to try some of those out back. Unless you run a KP link or something. Now as far as what I think. When I get my next daly driven truck I will only bag the back. The bed will also be uncut so I can haul stuff. Its more going to be a daly beater. The front is fun and all but can be a real pain in the ass when driven every day. Ether way your gonna have to pay to play.
  10. one of my best hommies can tear up a gutair. He wins all kinds of contests.
  11. shes got 4 or 5 remixes on her myspace page search M.I.A.
  12. yea street sourse but you gotta have a membership to sell www.streetsourcemagazine.com the s10 forum but there for sell section is down right now. www.s10forum.com Whats your myspace page address.
  13. those are some nice sponges you got any pics of them in use. I used to ride em but im to fat now i think lol
  14. I dont think theres to many people on this forum that know what these are. oh well bump for a awesome hopper valve.
  15. whats the lowest youll take for the lap top. Why doesnt the screen work? Are you a 100% sure a new screen will repair the problem?
  16. any one know any thing about joomla? Im having a issue with the forum and I cant find a good photo album
  17. I cant believe no one wants this thing. bleh some one needs to buy this thing so I can buy stereo equipment lol
  18. I watched the vid again. The kid defenitly has the just fucked the cat look on his face lmao
  19. No the vents in the way on the passengers side and 94 to 97 have the fuse wires in the way on the drivers side. PLuss the imaging sucks ass because the bump on the dash from the gauges. The easyst thing to do is to buy q logic kick panels.
  20. I could right on on about PAP. There product is very very bad and so is there business ethics.
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