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  1. do you still have ampere 0.0 and how long ago  did the amp guy work on them an maybe what all was  matter

    1. magillaru


      Send me a pm. Thanks

  2. Tried to edit but wouldn't let me. Price listed is plus shipping.
  3. Selling two Ampere Audio TFHE 9.0s. I am the original owners. Both have been rebuilt by Steve at Amp Medics so you can be certain that no corners were cut to get them back up and running. Asking $1350 each or $2600 for both. *I will post another pic tonight with name and date in pic (just need to run out to the garage).
  4. Was looking forward to seeing that van Any 12v batts for sale?
  5. I always go by one group 31 per 2k.....never had an issue with this method even running at .35. Can never have too much electrical though. 3-4 would give you a good bank but you might be able to get away with 2. It's your money.
  6. As far as battery reserve, you should be good. See how voltage holds and maybe add one more batt in the back if needed.
  7. Like others have said, can't imagine cutting that truck. Cuts were perfect though man. Always like following your builds. ?
  8. You could get a piece of aluminum or copper and just fab a buss bar with some bolts.
  9. This is exactly what I was talking about in previous post. Dual inputs on the charging stud.
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