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  1. do you still have ampere 0.0 and how long ago  did the amp guy work on them an maybe what all was  matter

    1. magillaru


      Send me a pm. Thanks

  2. I have six 15s walled on 36k for my daily so I say go with the option with more power
  3. Don't you have about 20-30 sheets of mdf in that thing too? Or am I thinking of a different build/person?
  4. First attempt at doors.....so far so good..... *Spiral bit got a little dull but I was able to sand all those rigid edges out.
  5. My entire rear wall is layered with roadkill and we cut out just enough to get to bare metal and welded right around it.....not one problem or oh shit moment.
  6. I have a patent on this. You'll be hearing from my lawyers GET YOUR SHITOUT OF THE n8ball2013 BUILD LOG V2 You mean the entire forum? haha
  7. I have a patent on this. You'll be hearing from my lawyers Where do you think I got the idea. Lol
  8. lol I know.....it's so much easier just posting in random spots throughout the forum. I've made an attempt a couple times to start one and then get side tracked......haha
  9. Anyone have two ampere 150.4s they want to sell??

    1. Kyblack76


      Do 2 75.4s man

    2. magillaru


      Want more power than that :/ Four 8s and four tweets per door.

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