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    Making other cars roll their windows up! .... Even though that doesn't help them
  1. Its all about the 4Door Subaru pushing 440awhp =]
  2. WTB T1000-4

    I have a RF T1000-4AD mint condition. Make an offer. edit: Also have RF T3 Components if your interested, Sound great paired with that amp.
  3. Looking for DC audio 2.0k and 12" XL or possible Sundown Audio SAZ-2000,SAZ-250 and 12"ZV4 or NSV3
  4. gas prices

    4.56 for 91 in southern cali
  5. i have 2 sets of t3 as well and the are badass. running off a t1000-4ad. if your running them off a differemt amp your simply missing out
  6. interested in selling a 2500?
  7. 175 shipped anywhere. Sale Pending. Ill let you know by the weekend.