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  1. well it looks like im going to be contacting mechman sooner than i thought lol
  2. so im driving home from work today and i had my system going for a little bit and i noticed my voltage is at 11.9 volts while im driving so i turn off my system completely and and voltage never came back up, it was stuck at 12.2 volts so i pull into a parking lot and let it sit for a while and nothing just 12.2 volts. so i shut it off. (probably a bad thing) and i go to start it back up and all i hear when i go to turn it on is a click. no start or turnover. all the lights come on and voltage sits at 12.4-12.3 volts. do i need a new starter or new alternator? or is something really fucked up? not sure if i posted in the right section but this one seemed to be appropriate.
  3. build a box. try it. if you dont like it. build a new one.
  4. that box looks just like mine. but better put together, mines just a temporary box though.
  5. whats the point of having one if it just falls down and falls off? just take it off or install a rear-view camera.
  6. this song is sick and has like no bass. bass remix the hell out of it. i will love you forever lol heres the music video. probably my favorite music video of all time even though its very unrealistic lol
  7. i <3 27hz. and you should probably get rid of that pic and make a new one or banvill will happen.
  8. i bought my first system with my graduation money. it wasnt much but i was happy. anyway congrats, now you get to work full time lol
  9. the loudest sound known to man i believe is 192dbs and im pretty sure it could kill you, i think i heard it from either manswers or something on tv. edit: spelling.
  10. You have no idea how hard I lol'd at that haha I didn't realize how young you are...damn lol im 20 Lol! I coulda sworn you just got your license, guess us youngins just look old. But what subs are you running? just 1 18" fi bl. just look at my sig lol
  11. You have no idea how hard I lol'd at that haha I didn't realize how young you are...damn lol im 20
  12. those videos do no justice to the flex thats going on in the car but oh well. on the second vid "IM SO SWEATY!" lol forgot i said that haha
  13. my mom is dying so im under a fuckload of stress and shit so i drink budlight and molson. and my friend jack daniels.
  14. geeze i have 9" per cube on my box. and i thought the range you want to stick with is 6-12" per cube. and here you guys are talking about 14". jesus.
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