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  1. Bought a Kicker X(something forgot the model number haha) 1000.1 anyways bought it from this guy and he is a great sales person! Great negotiator. Fast shipping and great communication! And now we r even friends cuz of this sale! Thanks again man! Great seller!
  2. sorry man i am having trouble deciding what to do in my own car, i have no idea what to do with your car. Go ported. Thats about as far is i have gotten with my car so far and couldn't tell you what the next step is until i already did it LOL! thanks! Alright thanks man. Appreciate the advice! I'm totally tuned in and can't wait to c what u have in store for this beast man!
  3. Sorry bout getting off topic, but what would u recommend for sound quality for my 90 benz 560SEL?? I was thinkin 2 10's i wanna do same as urs cept get all the air to go through rear deck instead of armrest. What subs should i use amd power with? Sealed? Ported? Again sorry for going off topic. Just wanted to ask the king pro of bass! Haha
  4. Frikin aaesome man!! Bout time u started on the lexus. Haha. Nice serup and box man im diggin it! Cant wait to c ur design on the beauty part of it! Keep it up man SMD FTMFW!!!
  5. GOT MY BABY'S!!!! DEY SOO PERTYYY!!!! AND BEASTY!!! Compared to Skar 8"
  6. When did you Place Your order ? I also placed one but no luck yet. On feb 22
  7. scratch that! i literally just got my tracking numbber!! =D CANT WAITTTTT!!!!
  8. damnit! i ordered it on SSA website! thats means you have no idea when right??
  9. Jacob said DO NOT!!!!!! ask him on individual orders, he isnt going to go through every order to check what your order status is. Just wondering bout an estimate! Don't have to look anything up! Although I forgot and I am sorry
  10. Naa I preordered mine on SSA. And says order will arrive April 10th...guess they lied...damn! When will they arrive then?
  11. awesome my order status says they will be here 2moro! cant wait! also ive planned a build where im gonna put these in a custom center console sealed. with a blowthrough, what do you recommend i do with the center console? sealed or ported? if sealed then any minimal dimensions i need for it be sounding optimal, and hitting at optimal performance?? thanks man
  12. There's my Burban and old white Porsche!! Haha sucks. This was filmed on Friday on setup day. My cars weren't opened up or bumpin at the time..I'm trying to find vids or pics of my rides online! Cuz bunch peeps took Bunch of pics! Can't find any. Haha only found 2 vids with my rides. And it was on setup day. When they were all closed up...
  13. That makes me feel better haha. Yeah I would of also prob . Thing is that I have the main batt hooked up to the alt. as the main batt is hooked up with the secondary batt and the fuse is on that wire. Then the second batt is where my bass amp is hooked up. So no actual fuse between the amp and the batt. That's y I blew all my amp fuses instead of the power line fuse.
  14. I'm tuned in! I'm in High school also! Sucks I can't drive to school and show off my work!
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