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  1. Possible theory.Did they show any pics of blood spattered all over the inside of the cop car? And the autopsy report i read they stated that the bullets didn't seem to be shot from very close range since there was no gun powder present on his body They still are unsure of distance because the clothes have not been examined yet. Emotions and Tension is entirely to high for this to be fair on either side, people's true colors (on both sides) do come out when stuff like this happens but I am going to continue to wait for the facts to come out and pray for the family because no matter who he was it has to be heart wrenching to bury a child.
  2. Little over 1 year ago I took a trip out to Reno to help a new friend organize the impending doom he was about to face when he started his brand. At the time none of us knew it would be an all out stampede to get products at least I know I didn't see it coming lol. I and a few others were there for the first shipment to arrive and now Sky High has grown into what it is today and is still steadily growing. In only a year the catalog has grown and the prices still remain to be some of the b...

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    2. IBleedMusick


      Kyle don't like it when I get emotional. But I am in them feels today.

    3. Kyblack76



      feels with my boy.. is legit as all get out.... love you dre..

    4. IBleedMusick


      Lol Love you too Kyle.

  3. ATTN ALL! Important Announcement Leo will wall the CRV if Hunter takes out his backseats in the Mitsushitty.

  4. So Buick brought back the Grand National for 2015 and they are stating a 2L 4 banger at 272hp and a 3.6L v6 at 400hp looks really nice too very nice Buick let's see how this goes.

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    2. n8ball2013


      im excited and scared. Excited for a new BN. Scared for them to screw it up and scared for the price.

    3. IBleedMusick


      Well for me I am thinking it will be in the 30-40k range to cover that market no point in another 50k+ luxury car and there is not many people seeing Benz in the 30k range right now with the CLA.

  5. Woot just did my first dual coil on the igo-w .8 ohms twas a bitch but great learning experience

  6. F*** You Dodge on a grand scale. But at least I figured out why no LOC has worked in this damn car.

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    2. IBleedMusick


      About to make a thread about it but basically the radio has to see a load to send a signal so when I tapped the wires to run directly to the LC6i the PAC and the XScorpions locs the reason none worked is because the radio wasn't sending a signal. I believe a dummy load using resistors should fix it but I need to figure out how to do that. In the interim I am using 4 speakers hidden in the spare well to get my load.

    3. OrionStang


      So if you tap the rear speakers wires, but leave them hooked up, it should send a signal still. Waiting for your thread.

    4. IBleedMusick


      Yes it will work perfectly

  7. DazzleBerry is good, Grape Gummy Bear is good, Fuzzy Navel is good, The Chocolate DONUT is delicious though I can really taste chocolate.

  8. They are here but not here I HATE YOU USPS!!!! GIMME MY SH!T! I don't think I have ever been so excited to receive something in my life.

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    2. scooter99


      Why you don't just post them here clown?!

    3. IBleedMusick


      Because they were posted in our PM because they are still under wraps til Friday waiting on a few confirmations and go aheads.

    4. WastedTalent


      Because he didn't want to break any rules of the 18+ stuff... and he wants to share with everyone. Mail order dick... ya know.

  9. Can't edit my classifieds post but Price Drop on the BNIB Flatline 7ks. $1200 per shipped. $2060 for both shipped if purchased TODAY. $700 shipped for the one that just blew on us. OFFER UP!

  10. Damn Orion 2500's on Facebook and they look good.

  11. Selling 3 Flatline 7ks check the Premium Classifieds

    1. Kyblack76


      Damn, that 7.5 is brand effin new bro ?!?!

  12. Yessir I will hit him up now and let you know if I can get in touch with him about the TS params.
  13. Everything is squared away I took care of shipping for Mike and Trent because they are both cool guys. Both parties have what they are suppose to and the subs look like they arrived in one piece. I think it's safe to say this can be locked up.
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