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  1. i just got my 6 pairs. installed them and well my ears are ringing lol they sound pretty damn good efficient. they keep up with 6 15s walled
  2. I like to buy my products with good customer service. Not like other places u buy have question and get no answer.
  3. i am hoping to do 9 SMD 15 (v2's) powered by.......well, i am not sure yet. The plan is 2 T2500.1bd Cp amps on each one @ 16v (yes, 18 T2500.1bdcp) - subject to change though as i don't have any products. This has been on my mind for months though. Bdcp are 16volt stable? Or is there a new one coming out ? Modding?
  4. Since know 1 wants to help you. Im gonna tell u how loud they are ...... Loud lol lol jk loud is different to everyone
  5. i have 2 sa 3500 how can i know what version are they? Is there a difference in the version. Last question could i run different version together or not recommended ?
  6. 3rd time asking no answer. Want to buy couple of sets but won't without info! End date in presale
  7. I feel like with the paint job it's alrdy to flashy and chrome but with the black rims attracts more attention to the paint job
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