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  1. i just got my 6 pairs. installed them and well my ears are ringing lol they sound pretty damn good efficient. they keep up with 6 15s walled
  2. I like to buy my products with good customer service. Not like other places u buy have question and get no answer.
  3. i am hoping to do 9 SMD 15 (v2's) powered by.......well, i am not sure yet. The plan is 2 T2500.1bd Cp amps on each one @ 16v (yes, 18 T2500.1bdcp) - subject to change though as i don't have any products. This has been on my mind for months though. Bdcp are 16volt stable? Or is there a new one coming out ? Modding?
  4. Since know 1 wants to help you. Im gonna tell u how loud they are ...... Loud lol lol jk loud is different to everyone
  5. i have 2 sa 3500 how can i know what version are they? Is there a difference in the version. Last question could i run different version together or not recommended ?
  6. 3rd time asking no answer. Want to buy couple of sets but won't without info! End date in presale
  7. I feel like with the paint job it's alrdy to flashy and chrome but with the black rims attracts more attention to the paint job
  8. Any info on dimensions ? Replacement diaphragm ? And sensitivity info? Interested in ordering couple sets
  9. Newls1 not sure how bad you really want that same amp but you can get it from other places if it is an option
  10. Why do you guys recommend 1 ohms coils over 4 ohms if they both get you to 1 ohms differences?
  11. Well the second 2 but only if the do hammer means a bigger sub then the level 6!
  12. what are the dimensions on these? when does presale end? possible replacement diaphragm?
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