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  1. awesome! I'm excited about this build! can't wait to get started
  2. thanks for all the help! i read through the whole thread and learned alot! hopefullt i can apply it.
  3. Hmm ..ok I think I have the space to go with the same specs.. The reason I'm asking so many questions is because I'm going to a shop to do this build because it's the BMW and I hear that the signal is fiber optic making it difficult to work with.. Also bmw electronics are really moody with electrical so I don't want it to fall on me if I F up lol I've seen them work with 4th orders a lot with w6's and w7's and recently sun downs.. But I'm not sure they've worked with dc and I don't think they'll be able to play with specs so id like to go with as much info as possible lol.. do you have a thread with your build so I can look at your box for ideas?
  4. why is everyones builds so damn huge! a single lvl 5 and 3.5k might be just right for me lol
  5. The nubers show that it is not ideal for 4th order use, however I have four lvl 5 m3 15's in a 4th and it is nasty, plays lows (25hz) and does a 162.6 @ 51hz. I was worried that I chose the wrong enclosure for my subs but once I got the sealed side and port area correct I stood corrected. BTW, Thank you again Jeff for getting me on the right path! nice! I saw the thread that you made about it.. wasn't sure if you went through with it or not.. what size or ratio did you end up going with for the sealed and ported sides? do you have any videos?
  6. sorry to bring up an old thread! but does this mean that the lvl won't be the best choice of DC audio gear to use in a 4th order? From what i was reading, the lvl 4 12 would be best? i was really looking forward to using 1 lvl 5 instead of 2 lvl 4's to save space in my car =(
  7. would this be any good for daily? or just a competition setting? so much sexy
  8. actually i didn't think to check them each individually. it reads 1 ohm after being wired negative to negative and positive to positive from coil to coil... it's a dual 2 ohm.. so i supposed this meant both coils were ok
  9. I forgot to mention that I did that and reads around 1 ohm steady when i checked.. is it possible that the coils could be rubbing but not blown? Also, it looks like a m2 lvl 4 but is it possible that its not and im pushing it to its limit?
  10. hey guys... been a while since i posted on here! about a year or two ago i bought a used 12" lvl 4 m2 after purchasing my brand new one for a dual sub build that i never got to.. When i received it i did the push test on the cone and didn't notice and noise or rubbing and i hooked it up free air and gave it some power and didn't hear anything either.. so i figured it was all ok and packed it back up.. I recently put the system back in and decided to swap the subs and open up the subs so i put the used one i bought in and at high volumes I get some kind of popping noise in the subwoofer with like none of the power of my original dc... with my 1 12 i used to get tremendous roof flex, with this the seats barely vibrate.. So I checked all my connections and voltages and I'm still getting the same issue! So i swapped the subwoofers, and what do you know! tremendous roof and windshield flex with my old lvl 4! Do you guys think one of the coils on the used on i bought is burnt? and what are some solutions? I tried reconing some old cerwin vega woofers i had laying around and that was a horrible fail so i don't want to do this on my own lol If it helps the amp is a brand new crescendo symphony 1500.1 and voltage never goes below 12.5 on full tilt.. usually hovers around 13.0-13.2
  11. damn man that looks real loud! any shots of the trunk? http://www.floridaspl.com/forums/showpost.php?p=440209&postcount=47 http://www.floridaspl.com/forums/showpost.php?p=440268&postcount=54 Thanks man! i like that build, looks clean, but how about trunk space? I heard that if i want to do two in a 4th order it'll take up the whole trunk
  12. LOL I've seen his build and it definitely does not count lol.. but on a side note, if you decide to sell two of those XL's and they're 12's ( i cant remember if they are or not) then i call dibs!
  13. lol do you have any videos of it? I'd still like to see it.. i figured two would be better than one, the problem is its going in a 08 bmw 550i and i dont have that much space to play with... im not trying to rip my trunk apart or use up all the space lol
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