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  1. I know how it works lol Thanks. I will be getting it this afternoon if I get a chance to run home when i take lunch or after I get off work.
  2. 150 posts??? first time ive heard of that, then again its been a while since Ive been on (been a member for several year's, the mods shouldnt have a problem with me posting here)
  3. We need to get some more pics I have a few, but want to get the rest of them taken. It drop's! I want to play with it a little more when we ge it on the TL hopefully this weekend
  4. I actually pulled back a few pics, I take shots of the same thing to see if I can get a better/clearer picture. What wiring? lol only place you can see them right now is a temp spot in the back until we know where everything is going. Tomorrow I'll pull back some panels and snap some pics of where we ran them. Power and ground will be ran on the driver side, will get pics of that progress when we do it.
  5. Here are the pics i took of the build, its coming together, can't wait to get it in! 2 coats of primer, 1st coat of rhino line, ran remote, rca's, and bass knob. Tomorrow second and hopefully third coat will be done. Hope I took enough pictures of the progess for you guys so far
  6. Bump for updates? Looking really sick man, I did want to ask you why didnt the battery rack work out under the SS?
  7. hope so, theres only one v I dont have any of the new enclosure, still being worked on (got more pix) I'll put it on the TL when its done for some numbers too and a vi. I havent been on in a while chode when did u get level 5's?
  8. Sorry to leave it in the dark, I'll post a few to start off, then add more as requested. the new box is 5.6 cu.ft. tuned to 37hz I used all thread for bracing and will glass inside with gravity 45's action shot roundover bit for the port and outside of the box all the way around We shall see whats next, depends on what happens with the level 6's
  9. Very Nice build bro, when do you expect it to be done?? We have a meet coming up in Indy, I noticed you are on trailvoy.com, they have it posted there. Check it out, come on by. Last time I checked, there are going to be a few guys with some nice systems coming.
  10. I'm at Andrew's(MAY03LT) house right now, gotta take care of a few things and try to get some up.
  11. Jon has em, I'm gonna try to get some more videos when I get back in town.
  12. I might eventually, it has a few layers layers of glass on the inside(resin and matt), should hold up. Plus I just finished wrapping it. Edit: I didn't have a truck around to grab some wood from Menards, so I used what was at the Shop.
  13. Free hand cutout of the DC logo Should be finished by the end of next week, just gotta tie up some unfinished areas.
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