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  1. i dont care what my past is. i asked a simple question. i didnt ask for a smart mouth jackass to be a moron. and yes that proved my point people would rather be a dick then help. so fuck it. i dont care if peole hate me. i just want my account deleted. i am a stay at home dad. i can make stupid posts all day until my account is either banned or deleted
  2. i looked on there site. theres no info
  3. i am gonna start glassing some tweeters into the factory tweeter pods in my wifes 01 grand prix gt. are there any tricks to getting bondo to bond to the plastic besides giving it a sanding?
  4. i used to be a huge glock fan. but i just cant find the right one. i am getting a sub compact or a compact. i am chubby and wear tee shirts all summer. i couldn't conceal a full frame. i tried today with my buddies Springfield xd45 tactical. it stuck out like i had a huge morning wood
  5. i signed up for the conceal weapons course at my local range. i have been shooting for about 10 years. but, only my family and friends side arms. i am looking for one of my own now. i was thinking: http://www.beretta.com/Defence-Pistols-Carbines/Defence/Full/Px4-Storm-F/index.aspx?m=82&f=2&id=802 http://www.springfield-armory.com/xd.php?version=111 http://www.sigsauer.com/Products/ShowCatalogProductDetails.aspx?categoryid=50&productid=278 this is the one i am in love with. http://www.magnumresearch.com/Expand.asp?ProductCode=BEFA915F anyone have experience with a conceal (legal) carry sidearm? i have smallish hands so a full sice 45 is not for me. i don't feel comfortable with them.
  6. i had myself emancepated when i was 14. i got wrapped up in some bs i was doing and my dad either said move out or go to jail. i filed the paperwork and moved in with my sister until i was 15 and could start working to pay for plane fair to florida. i moved to florida with my mom and stepdad for 6 months and then got my own apartment in my moms name. i worked my ass off until i was 20 i met my current wife we bought a house and settled down. moving out for the first time was/is a big step for anyone. even bigger when they realize mommy and daddy are not there for moeny and they cant buy the same stuff they could before. thank god i got into construction when i moved to Florida.
  7. its like lieing to a federal official. why would you want to lie on something that is gonna help you? the census is used for distribution of monies to school and communities.
  8. i respect people who know how to use a table saw the correct way. the first time i ever tried to use mine i didnt check the wood for nails. it was reclaimed cherry my grandpa and i were building a end table and lamp. anyways the saw caught a nail and the board came at me a nd broke my arm. every since then i check all reclaimed wood with a small metal detector or a strong magnet.
  9. i want to put some home audio subs (little ones) in my wifes car. i am gonna try to take apart the home receiver and wire the amp into the cars electrical. my only concern is what type of power inverter should i use? it sounds dumb to do this. But, i am doing this because the home receiver is messed up and i plan on putting the JL audio 6.5" subs in her rear deck anyways. so the home subs will be like a trial and error period.
  10. being bored as hell with nothing

  11. Congrats on the new shop steve and on the new paint. It looks beautiful.
  12. dude you gotta send me the link to your avatar

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