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  1. its been fun but im done.

  2. driving while talking on the phone is dangerous because it's distracting, maybe we should take the radios, cell phones, laptops, and radar guns out of the cop cars

    1. Ji553r


      nope its dif. for them. dont forget they dont gotta wear seatbelts either.

    2. hdorre


      This made me LOL!!

    3. crackers_girl


      it would be awesome to see a cop pulled over by another cop for talking on a cell and not wearing a seat belt

  3. Now accepting applications for Minions and Partners in Crime. Please read all fine print: adult language and partial nudity may be required.

  4. So, paper beats rock. You sure about that? Let's work it out. Hold a piece of paper in front of your face. I'll throw the rock.

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