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  1. Sold a RF T800.2 to him. Very straight forward & to the point buyer! Fast payment & patient (shipping was delayed). I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again! Thanks bud!
  2. Lol Good luck buddy! That's usually how it goes though, the deals always pop up when the bank account runs down!
  3. I have for sale a RF T800.2 which is just missing the top cover plate for it. I got this amp in a trade & have no use for it. Comes with bassknob & cord. It has a 150 amp fuse & will put out over 1000watts rms bridged at 2ohms. Its stable to 1 ohm per channel. First $150 SHIPPED takes it
  4. Great buyer! Fast payment & easy to deal with. Enjoy your fusion amp!
  5. That would be more than enough for this amp & for an L7 15 This amp would push it nicely as long as it's dual 2ohm.
  6. I've got a fusion PowerPlant Monoblock Amp -PP-AM300010 for sale. Works great & produces a nice amount of power for how small this amp is. Very compact amp. Has 4 40 amp fuses & will produce around 1500watts rms @ 1ohm. Comes with original packaging. manual, decal, bassknob & cord (which have never been used) & the amp itself is in 99% mint condition. First $110 shipped gets it! Thanks for looking!
  7. That's just plain badass man! I wish I could find a way to fit all 6 of my 15"s in my car.
  8. 2010 Extended edition Caddilac escalade LX Black with 26" chrome with black spinners, with 6 15" BTL's and 6 T4000's.
  9. Okay, even I'm stumped on this one. What is with this new line of FI subs? It says "Infinite Baffle Only". What does that mean, that they can just be mounted anywhere & be as loud as a regular sub IN-box? Also, why are they so inexpensive? https://ssl.perfora.net/www.ficaraudio.com/...view.shopscript
  10. Glad you & evryone else are okay Chode. I think the heavy ass system is partly to blame. I've noticed a huge change in the time it takes for me to stop vs. when I have the system in & when it's out even on regular non-icy days.
  11. So as far as the shorter runs, you have 2 red AND 2 black ones right?
  12. Damn, you were nice enough to settle your dispute without ruining her driving record further, but she's still gotta be a bitch about it & care too much about what other people are doing... Well, if she takes you to court, she'll be admitting fault for causing the damage in the first place. Therefore, you'll be able to file a claim under her insurance provider for the full repair cost AND her rates will increase anyways!!! I'd say let it happen. Is this chick blond by chance?
  13. Very good seller! I bought his 2 T1000's & he shipped the immediately after payment was completed as promised. Awesome communication & response time & would definately do business with him in the future. Goods arrived well-packaged & unscathed. Thanks again mayne! -Peace
  14. Looks pretty loud & I bet it sounds clear as can be in that down-fire box. How do you like those 8" MTX 6000's for vocals?
  15. I've got a dream. One that involves 6 15"s on 6 T1000's.
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