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  1. Good guy, bought a DC 1.2k amp from him. He shipped it or a day or two after payment was made and had a tracking number right after he sent it.
  2. ^^^^what kind of price would you have in mind?
  3. They should still never get hot, warm is ok but hot is a no no. I've over powered many subs and never had any issues, its all about a clean signal and a good box.
  4. NEVER MIND, Think I was having a brain fart and pretty sure I've got this understood on my own.
  5. I'm not to concerned with his setting, I just wanna know the answer to my ohm load question for my self.
  6. I was pondering a few thoughts the other day after reading a few topics. The main one that concerned me was from a fellow competitor that I know and have met at a few shows. At first he started a thread about his sub getting hot and stinky on power that should not have even been a concern for the power that he was running, A few days after that he ended up blowing his amp. He has a good electrical, knows what he is doing and has plenty of competitors to hep him that are fairly close when or if he has and issues. I am NOT blaming STEVE or the DD-1, just would like a little more input on this question I'm gonna ask. I have the DD-1 and CC-1 and plan to use them. He and some other fellow competitors set their system using the DD-1, I'm pretty sure he was the only one that had issues. I then remembered he was running his amp @.5ohm so my question is: When using the DD-1 since the subs woofers are not connected how does the DD-1 know where a clean signal is when running an amp at less than 1 ohm. Also if an amp like most kicker amps makes most of there power @2ohms would it defect for the clean signal @1ohm and then when you used it since you would be running it @2ohms would you technically be getting less power since you up the ohm load from where it was set? Sorry if this is retarded question and doesn't make sense. I was just thinking and trying to come up with an answer for myself but I couldn't so I thought I'd ask the pros. I just can't think how it knows what ohm load it should set itself at.
  7. I just recently bought another Jeep just like the old one I had. On my old Jeep I used a plastic paint to paint the bumpers and side moldings black I then used a 3M spray, I think it was called "chip stop" or "rock stop" something along those lines. My problem is I don't have anymore and can't seem to find it. Anyone have and good ideas on what would work to to protect the spray paint from rock chips and what not. I had my Jeep for a while and the spray held up and improved the look tremendously also I'm trying not to spend to much I only paid 3k for the thing and not wanting to dump a ton of money into it.
  8. etaks_crew


    I just bought one on ebay for like 9.99 shipped for my AVIC Z1 maybe check there.
  9. there was a 4500 for 825 shipped on another forum, but it sold you just gotta wait till the right deal comes around.
  10. Two motors sold, I have two pending until Monday, I will update this then.
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