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  1. Got my brakes on finally, the pics don't really do them justice
  2. Excited to fit the new brakes to my LX570, they were red so I gave them a quick lick of the same white as my car, a quick pic before the clearcoat and logos went on Quick pic of the old girl
  3. And what is this lovely thing? Looks like a Shocker Neo, well motor anyway
  4. Looks great guys. Steve I know your sons have always had a part in your builds and it's good to see your oldest doing his own car, is he ever going to do his own posts and write it from his perspective? I like reading your builds, they're well written and easy to follow but would be cool to see what Antheny has to say, too
  5. Such good customer service. It's great to see. I'd definitely be considering Sundown in the future.
  6. I like to think I've come a long way
  7. Perhaps publicity stunt? Saw this this morning, maybe too soon to tell?
  8. Ass holes who are rude in conversation, cut people off when they're trying to talk, always one-upping other people, bragging and flamboasting
  9. Here we are as of a few weeks ago, just six short months progress from when the car arrives. It's no show car by any means, never was supposed to be. Just a neat cruiser for Dad. He wanted something with 'a bit of exhaust rumble', he doesn't know much about engines.. I kept quiet what is actually inside it Outside Interior Engine There's still a bit of work to go still, the big one is the ride height, looks a bit ridiculous as it is haha. Car's like this are why I'm never bored!!
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