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  1. Nice! I use that same song to ground pound all the time in my blazer. Is there a build log for this?
  2. Was the black blazer able to put the back seats up? And is the port faces back or to one side?
  3. Which roadquake shop is that? I think you must work at the brookpark one. I have seen that black blazer in Medina before. Looks exactly like mine. Pm me and let me know I may take a ride up there and check you guys out
  4. empty pm box...I'm also trying to PM you

  5. That is an epic comment. I actually "lol"
  6. Great work man and sweet numbers...makes me want an explorer again
  7. That is good stuff. I wish i could draw like that
  8. Did you ever make a video or get some TL numbers from this set-up? Also I don't see any back batteries, did you have any batteries back in the cabin?
  9. Yea I'm not new to the install industry I just want to have a very good idea how I want to run everything due to it being 18 degrees outside right now with 25+mph winds and me without a garage to work in.
  10. I was hoping to get pictures of where people ran their 1/0 inside the car and how they kept it hidden. i might be trying to run 2 runs of ++ and 2 runs of -- but keep it hidden. Also does anyone know or think will an Odyssey 2150 battery fit underneath the back seats?
  11. Krannyman that just takes me to the member builds....Exposport how does your voltage do with those 2 3000's and the 200 amp alternator?
  12. Hello I was wondering if anyone had pictures of there install in an Explorer. I have a 99 eddie bauer edition and just wanted to see anybody's install pics. (Big 3, how they ran the wires, can 2 runs of 1/0 fit and be hidden, CD players, everything that has to do with an install in an explorer or similar SUV)
  13. I haen't looked in a while but wasn't 00sdime00 selling 4 fully loaded 15" BTL's in this sites classifieds? U might want to try there
  14. I live in Medina and still haven't heard Bangin Explorer's system.....give me a demo
  15. I just build a trunk wall in my civic and I was told that a BP trunk wall would be impossible due to height issues. The max amount of box space i got was 10 cubes but im in the middle of making it around 7.5 cubic feet tuned to 35hz I will be done hopefully by early next week
  16. Hey Steve why don't you make an uninterrupted pictures post for the Honda build as well? I have a 2000 Honda Civic EX and I look at this all the time waiting for updates and ideas to do to mine. I am building a trunk wall though. I have the same black housing headlights with regular 6k xenon lights and mine do not get condensation in them atleast yet. Great work bro, I love the civic.
  17. I don't know what year Civic you have but I just had the same problem with my 2000 EX Coupe with around 500+lbs in the trunk. I called a place called Vogtland Suspension (951) 694-6981 talk to Richard I believe. Tell him your situation and that you talked to me he has a solution that uses a preludes suspension. Mine arrive on Wednesday under $300 for all four as well. The rear springs are weird they have a 3.94" Outer Diameter 11.5" tall spring that at the bottom I believe reduces down to 2.52" O.D.
  18. Great guy. He gave me more than I asked as well. Thanks great seller
  19. Cartunez shipped my wire very quckly. A+ seller
  20. PM me a price for 50' shipped to 44256. It's alittle south of Cleveland.
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