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    Car audio and Fabrication, fine woodworking, making my customers stand out from the crowd.

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  1. I am getting my windshield replaced today does anybody know how long I should wait before cranking my system up after the install 24-hours? 48? A week?
  2. Gutta Trash


  3. Steve here ya go.... tha new FLA...(I know it's not what your getting but it is a sweet ride)
  4. many people on here will tell you caps are crap, granted they are not as good as a battery but they do have their place (and no I don't mean the garbage) yes you can wire 2 caps together and yes it would be better than 1, and you can even do it the easy way and buy a kit for wiring multiple caps.
  5. I know it's not what you posted for but if you are interested I have a 1000 xl for sell
  6. USAA is a bank, they do their insurance 3rd party they are not the covering company
  7. Get a tax I.d. from the IRS it is free and you can use it to become a distributor and lower your prices. Also once you get the tax i.d. you can open an LLC. for about $1,000 with legal zoom., which means a limited liability company, if your garage burns down and a customer gets severely hurt or if their car catches fire etc.. you personally can not be sued , only the estate of the LLC. I would do this ASAP and get insurance, if you or your buddy are former military or either of your parents are, you can possibly become a USSA customer (they are a bank) and you can get 1 mill. annual business insurance from them for $69 a month (that is cheaper than anywhere.)
  8. One of the shops that was here (went out of business) did a build with one of these....it did not sound right, it looked cool and all but that was about it.
  9. LMAO....I don't know what that is ,but I am pretty sure you need to know someone fairly well before making that offer
  10. Hell a lot of the posts left on his profile page aren't much better now that I have looked at it and actually read it.
  11. One of my all time favorites I remember bumpin The Get a way like every 30 minutes when I was a kid ...I don't know if it is because I am getting older or what but this shit aint no where near the talent shown back in tha day
  12. Yo, I know Steve has ALOT of fans, but have you seen his fan page? Could you imagine having so may people bombarding you with questions , and so many guys basically declaring their love for you. That shit is crazy, Steve if you see this post I would strongly recommend a security team, some of them folks seem a little "off"...lol
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