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  1. I'm currently deciding between a 1 ohm and 2 ohm version of the same amplifier. The to own seems better suited for my build but I have a question about rise. If I am running an amp at 1 ohm and rise to 5 ohms does that mean that if I run an amp at 2 ohms I would rise to six or seven ohms? Or would the rise stay the same. As you can imagine this would weigh my decision on which to go with. TIA
  2. Thank you for the response! I actually figured out the problem last night. The signal coming through the passthrough of the 1st amp was clipping quicker. As suggested I ran 2 y splitters and all is well! Thanks again
  3. I have a problem, therefore I have a question lol. I am running (2) PPI 5000.1 (1700 RMS @2 Ohm) This was an upgrade from a American Bass Ph4k. I have them run to (2) Re audio sxx 15's. I clearly noticed a difference in output from the woofers I went from a 143 to a 147. The problem is that even though I've had the gains set by scope I am getting "fighting" between the subs which I know is causing cancellation. I didn't have this problem running a single amp. So I'm wondering ... I'm using a stereo input RCA into the 1st out of the 1st and into the second. Would running a Y combiner creating a mono signal stop this? Would I lose input power if I did this? My theory is that my subs are trying to hit as stereo vs. mono and causing the problem, but I'm just guessing. Thanks in advance and by all means don't hesitate to call me an idiot,just so long as you have an answer!
  4. I am getting my windshield replaced today does anybody know how long I should wait before cranking my system up after the install 24-hours? 48? A week?
  5. Alright guys, so my boy Chauncy did a full tune for me, meter,clamps, scope, the works. I am currently running a AB Phantom 4k 2 15's wired to 1ohm. After all the tuning and testing my heart was broken. I'm doing a 145, BUT after box rise the amp is seeing 5.1 Ohms, meaning my subs are only seeing about 280 Watts each and are rated for 1100 each. Full potential not even close to being recognized, I have to change this. So I am going to piss everyone off and go with a Brazilian amplifier, this is where I need help. I would like to get an 8k but from what I've researched a 5k will get me real close to giving the subs full RMS power. I'm looking at the Stetsom 5k's there is a model that is 1 Ohm stable and 1 that is 2 Ohm stable. At 4 Ohms the 2 Ohm model actually makes more power, but would I have an issue with it only being 2 Ohm stable given that my subs are wired to 1. Will the amplifier actually ever see below 2 say at low volume etc..? Thanks in advance gents.
  6. I'm so pissed I've read this build log from start to finish, I've laughed, I've oooed, I've ahhhd, I've cried, I've wept. I get to the last page ....and its still not finished. I could rip my hair out right now...if I had any. lol this is awesome brotha hurry the fuck up
  7. I have 1/0 all the way around big 3 done . Yeah I'm looking at getting a 250a alternator they seem pretty reasonably priced.
  8. I had no plans of running the system without the truck running I meant just sitting, my truck sits for weeks at a time because I have a company vehicle
  9. Don't I run a risk of the rear Batts draining the cranking battery during durations of sitting without the isolator?
  10. I fucked around trying to save money and bought a 5 farad cap to run my 2k rms American Bass amp. Have a 140a alternator. This of course has done nothing in helping with keeping my alternator and battery from dropping, sometimes down to 10v which then throws the amp into protect. I am adding 2 large agm batteries next weekend, plus keeping my existing battery up front. Also adding a battery isolator. My question is though is there any reason to continue using the cap off of the 2 new batteries or should I just get rid of it.
  11. You are an awesome fella. I sure do appreciate you taking the time to do this for me
  12. It doesn't but here is the website pagehttp://reaudio.com/products/woofers_sxx_v2.php
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