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  1. Bought a fuse, fast response, easy to deal with and fast shipping. 5 Stars
  2. Been 20yr old for an hour and i like it!

  3. First off id like to say thanks to ken at second skin for giving me a awesome price and product. The diffence between the before and after are night and day and i will never spend another penny on any other brand of deadner...end of story.
  4. Can you please change my name to SilveradoGoesBang as i have sold my altima and now own a silverado
  5. So do i change my name on my own or do i post in the name change thread?

  6. 1k per subs in the proper box is most I'd run to a vvx, can u run more yes but I wouldn't.
  7. If u have the proper space run 15s but if not 12s will be better and I couldn't tell if u were saying 2 rf1500s but I would only do a single sk1500 or rf1500 per pair of subs.
  8. Bought a crescendo bc3500 off him. Sent the payment 3 hours later had a tracking number, the amp came in original packing with all parts. The amp was actually in better shape than described. I would defentlly buy from this seller again!
  9. Really need a SMD 18, anyone know somone with one for sale?

  10. No they are are at 2ohms but they still get down i just reccently got a multi meter and looking to get a clamp meter soon so i will know the rms they are really getting, but the plan is when i get the batteries in to run at 1ohm on two zvx 15s
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