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  1. I had a Better Audio 1600M aka 35.1 imposter. Ended up smoking it and moving on to Sundown and have never looked back.
  2. If you got a Sears nearby i'd suggest getting a diehard platinum (Same thing as odyssey confirmed by Enersys Mfg.) I like the marine ones because they got studs instead of posts. Plus you can't beat the 4/5 year warranty and not having to ship heavy batts back to the company.
  3. Any pics of the DC power alt? I think the old box would have done fairly well turned towards the cabin and sealed off, there was no room for the air to escape to the cabin. But I know nothing about 15's I rock 2-10's in my 1997 accord
  4. btw I was the guy who originally told you that you could strap a new and old SAZ-1500d on caraudio.com my name was dumpintreos
  5. They look very similar but I would get the final say from someone who knows his stuff DB-R or jacob
  6. No I am not. But back when I e-mailed him I had an old heatsink model and I was looking for more power. So you say the "guts" are different what exactly is different I know DB-R helped jacob make some improvements/tweaks on the amp throughout the years. I think I remember MOSFET holddowns/soldering practices were changed? But contacting Jacob would get your best possible answer.
  7. This is an e-mail I got from jacob but you might want to talk to him and see if there was another revision of the amp lately. >> On Wed, 19 Nov 2008 08:38:03 -0600 Jacob Fuller >> <[email protected]> wrote: >> >>> Jeremy, >>> >>>.....................- but you can strap a > >>> new and >>> old amp together no problem.
  8. Wow i'm very impressed. You should definetely enjoy this ALOT better than that makeshift box on the backseat. Looks very professional keep it up!
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. I believe slumpinhonda has also used RE MT's, Kicker CVRs, and 9500s in the same style box
  12. Damn timmy giving out all the good info for loud civic trunks. I'm going to try both your and chilcott's box design in my accord hopefully she works.
  13. Hah just trying to expand my brain's alternator database for when I decide to build my own high output alternators Edit: I heard hairpin alts are badass mofos i'm sure you will enjoy OP
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