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  1. thanks for the info i cant find anyone that says they make a high output alt would a extra batt or caps help for say a 1500-2000 watts total system mids highs subs
  2. hey bkg i listen to all kinds of music from the 50's to today hiphop rock metal r&b soul country a little of everything im only wanting to replace the factory location speakers nothing crazy and a small sealed subwoofer setup also would i need to ad anything to the electrical of the car im starting with adding some sound deadener right now next will be a dsp liking what i see in the audiocontrol lineup is the flac focals worth the cost or has anyone ever ran the cdt audio speakers ?
  3. thanks guys yea im not wanting to go crazy or super loud just sound really good my budget is 6k or less
  4. im just looking for input on what i should look for in quality sq equipment such as class of amps 2-3 amps or just one five channel cone materials for best sound not looking to compete just looking for great sq in my 2017 civic si daily driver it has two 6.5 component up front factory locations and a 4 in component set in rear factory locations im only wanting 1 12 or 10in sub or maybe two 8s and to replace factory mids and highs and processors for retaining factory infotainment center what should i look for in those i know this is a bunch of rambling but any help would be greatly appreciated thanks to all
  5. sent what i could my prayers to his family in such a hard time i wish i could have done more but iv seen the smd family come to gather so many times to help a fellow bass head i know ill see it this time as well
  6. keep your amp its worth more than both those
  7. yea i think id keep my amp and just buy the 10s new
  8. well you can buy the sub new for 184.99 http://www.woofersetc.com/p-10086-vvx-10d4-skar-audio-10-dual-4-ohm-subwoofer.aspx
  9. two 10s would be good for that amp
  10. its skar not scar but they are damn good subs i have two ivx 15s on a 800.1 and its loud as hell
  11. hey meade i know you said you are not ready to start the build yet because your not sure what you wanna do yet but are you going to go a head and start making the van strong enuff to handle the the kind of system you can put in it iv seen those vans rip apart from some serious ground pounding 160+ systems because we would all love to see what your going to do for structural strength
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