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  1. im not looking to compete i just want it to sound like the bands are on my dash playing live i want to hear every note freq. clean and clear Hi-Res Audio
  2. im doing a 95 Nissan minitruck build king cab planning on 3 way set up with the fourth being sub im looking for company's that focus on sound quality
  3. im new to this sq so im looking for company's that specialize in sound quality so i can research them and see who has what im looking for i have no idea where to start looking /researching thanks everyone
  4. im not quite following what that is or what ur needing
  5. yea 15s would be a lot easier but to each their own
  6. yes go to the sundown web page they have specs
  7. 15s will sound better because they will have proper air space
  8. nice build tuned in to the Netherlands cant wait to see this playing my great great grand parents on my mothers side came to america from the Netherlands
  9. sorry about that first one and please let me know how it sounds
  10. im sorry man ima hav to redo that design after i did it in sketchup the ports to long for the box ima redo this and sketch it up today for you
  11. it looks good to me also id say thats not enuf power for that sub
  12. this should be great do you need a 3d sketch
  13. i can help you out if you post up the info on the subs
  14. i have a 55 curved samsung 4k tv and i love it no probs so far owned it 2 years now
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