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  1. I'm so done with this teacher she can't seem to make up her mind

  2. it depends on the ratio you go with mine is a 2:1 and it plays almost all the frequencies at the same level
  3. the funny thing is i saw your truck with 8 10s and iv wanted to do that since
  4. amp pics this is regaurding where it says level from 6v to .2v when i turn it closer to .2 it gets louder is it the gain or is it the deck pre out voltage
  5. What does that cost? like 40 for the study guide and 60 for the test
  6. save up a couple of bucks and get the audioque and i was listing 1000 watt amps of the top of my head
  7. well whats your budget audioque 1200d rockford t1500 highfonics brz 1200 audiopipe 1500
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