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  1. I'm so done with this teacher she can't seem to make up her mind

  2. it depends on the ratio you go with mine is a 2:1 and it plays almost all the frequencies at the same level
  3. the funny thing is i saw your truck with 8 10s and iv wanted to do that since
  4. amp pics this is regaurding where it says level from 6v to .2v when i turn it closer to .2 it gets louder is it the gain or is it the deck pre out voltage
  5. What does that cost? like 40 for the study guide and 60 for the test
  6. save up a couple of bucks and get the audioque and i was listing 1000 watt amps of the top of my head
  7. well whats your budget audioque 1200d rockford t1500 highfonics brz 1200 audiopipe 1500
  8. these made me laugh post your favorits here http://www.onlinecarstereo.com/CarAudio/p_21823_Soundstream_XXX-18.aspx Sam Jones From Bangor,ME i have 22 of these in my ford pinto. i also have 46 bd4000's and 456 compasiters. i have my pnto sittin on 55' rims and candy paint. those 22 subs actually made my kids heart stop beeting. i have to say these subs r the best thing that ever happened to me. strongly reccomend if want to piss the world off and harm alot of ppl! http://www.onlinecarstereo.com/CarAudio/p_12514_JL_Audio_12W6v2.aspx Jer From Jacksonville, Florida I have 2 W6v2's in a 2001 Toyota Celica. Even though they are hooked up to a cheap audiopipe amp I have had to replace the seal in my back window 3 times and I will have to do it again soon. Other than the fact that they only lasted me 4 years I would recomend these speakers to anyone who wants some serious sound.
  9. what size amp do you have now i have the same audioque/hifonics setup in my truck only i did a 4th order
  10. i love it but im sure its not as good as it could be its only the 3rd box iv built lol
  11. my first build log and 4th order srry about the pics taken from mobile old pos ported box first 2 pieces both sides done port baffle DONE YAY thanks for looking
  12. lol you dont even need wmp to tell how cliped and distorted it was
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