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  1. Hi I wanted to install a sub/amp in my car. I have 2 batteries. 1 small one in trunk and Main 1 Under hood. My question is am I able to run amp wires to trunk battery. Also what is the easiest, right way to add the converter? Has anyone did it to there Benz....
  2. Need some help on a daily set up for 1 8 AA. Box size, Tuning was thinking 1cf tuned at 36. I have a 1500(mike) amp going to it.
  3. I understand. As for the reason I wanted to go that route I didn’t Want to go through this car and chase noises in the trunk. Only thing is to add a lil more bass And put a xs power batt under hood. Keeping this car ass simple as I can. So scratch the X 8. Correct
  4. Hi I’m figuring out what I want in my trunk. I was thinking a 4th order as I want little to no trunk noise. I just ordered a X8 accompanied by a US(Mike). It will be going in a 2015 E350. I’m tryna run in through arm rest(port). So are they worth doing IF DONE right? will it sacrifice that much SQ.
  5. Anything I no it's going to be a small box for the 12s?
  6. Am I able to fit 2 12" type R in a ported box 14H 20L 54W, I have a older little truck and trying to do a cut through. I cut a whole in truck around 12 by 12, if I am able to can some one help me with design of box
  7. Yea I can access it first thing in the morning I will start playing around with it and solve the problem
  8. When I put the highs and mids amp it started at least I noticed it,
  9. No I did not do the big 3 for stock. Looking for some rca's, im starting to think its the amp, If it was the stereo would both amps do the same thing, my bass amp doesn't get affected.
  10. Will do.... I have a 07 Chevy Tahoe. Now that I think of it my stereo runs off of stock electrical, as for other amps run off A seperate electrical,
  11. I have a Dc 270xp pioneer Avic stereo. Arc audio 2000.1, and a 4 channel crescendo amp. Well parked everything works right. As soon as I'm driving and I turn up the bass my high and mids cut in a out. So I park and turns out it work good again. So I press on the peddle while in park and the problem occurs again highs and mids cut in and out, while my bass is still pounding, My voltage stays above 13.7,
  12. I am not able yo have both alts together. My 07 tahoe charging system wont alow the voltage to stay steady it will drop
  13. I used a hammer to start the bottom of needle nose plyers to squeeze the shit out of it didnt cut through copper, only has the impressions from plyers.
  14. The factory one and the DC are seperated completely. Well stock alt runs the stereo. The only thing running off dc alt+batt is the amp thats itquote name="Broke_Audio_Addict" post="2975498" timestamp="1430074882"] So Is The Factory alt used for the system to or did you dedicate it just for the stock stuff?
  15. In a few weeks i will be replacing this amp with a nendo 3500, and will be a adding a nendo symphany 4 channel to power my jbl comps i just got(2 sets )
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