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  1. Looked at space I’m assuming a 6th order for a 15 neo 3.5. Should be much better for my space?
  2. So I tossed the sound quality a tad out the window. Well not much End pulling the trigger on the Fi Neo 3.5 18”, that should take up the space I have available. appreciate it Jx!!!
  3. So what would you do. I got the power/space? Do I jump up to 12s? do 10s. I love clarity just as much as bass. I assume like most individuals dilemma!!! I could order 2 fi alpha’s Are the 2 gcons? 4th/6th
  4. I also got a Blue print from a dude Ryan ram designs!! He no longer seems to show up. I don’t mind paying for a legit blueprint. I will be sticking with the Fi. so 6th order it is. You able to come up with a design Jx. for the cut/blow through!!
  5. I was debating on going with 2 10” dcons!. Would that go with a 4th? I can stick the Fi in a ported box in my suv. I measured what I would like the subs to be fit within my truck bed. 16x61x22 H-W-L. You help me YEARS ago on my last box. J I see you still on it. Thats good not as much ppl on here as back in the days.
  6. I got the just about everything I wanted/need. I have the RF1500 that will be pushing it.
  7. I just open my Fi ssd Neo. Had it in storage for a good minute. I just bought a 06 single cab. I wanted to know if any could help me with dimensions on a 4th order. It will be a cut/blow through. I definitely have the room. I was debating on just putting 2 gcons(10s) but decided to stick with the single fI
  8. any deals on alternator and bracket kit. Also ill be running no more them 4000 rms. Im doing a daily drive what would me the best alt for me I also have 2 xs3400 batts, it is for a 07 tahoe, I heard there is weird charging system on my cars, thats why ive decided to go dual alts unless there is a way with out voltage drops cause of my charging system with one alternator
  9. Either one of those your are going to wait. New versions coming out old one's discontinued. and your in a mustang go with a 12 easier to fit a proper box.
  10. Any dealers close or in the 209 district in California merced/Stanislaus county..
  11. And dealers around merced county or Stanislaus county, California
  12. Well they are going to refund partial , I end up forgetting the remote and will be sending it in. Thankz sonics
  13. Okay I end up taking to sonic and. I end up buying another stereo That day And when I send the other one back they will refund me my money.Nothing Yet I believe sonic received it ORDER number 2117471
  14. I'm returning a stereo and that is what it say on my RMA. So what's nex
  15. How long does the cancled order take to get back to me in bank
  16. Its koo man glad to see you wrote. I just canceled the order i didnt want the the diffrent series they offered. I understand the new brz 2400 cost more.
  17. The option sucked lol Man i had the brz 1700 and now wanted the brz2400 but not sold any more.They sould just put discontinued on amp. Instead you can order it now.It is a good way for them to get you to order something else
  18. O well I guess they stop making my amp that i wanted a while ago they have the new model but cost more nothing they can do. They should not let Ppl order it in the first place...Where sorry but we can give you a cheaper one around same price LOL that was funny
  19. Oh i believe its a back order. Mmmm but the Phone verification? Money has been taking out Pay Pal already.
  20. Out of all the thing I have ordered this is the first time this P.V happens, It say sonic will be calling me So this is the second day and havent recieved no call, Dont mean to sound rude. Im just use to havent my package sent out the next day your company Is always good at that. Order Id 2003805
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