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  1. also they are only body kits, to my knowledge they arent a performance package.
  2. good way to personalize your ride, not many people actually get it done.
  3. yes most of the time the remote start bypass will just tie into your factory alarm and disarm and arm with unlock and lock buttons.
  4. youre going to spend more rebuilding than buying a factory rebuild. my borg warner super t-10 died, they wanted 2500 to rebuild it, and keep in mind mine is only a 4 speed, so i found a reman for 1500 and paid an extra 3 to get a 1 year warranty. get reman, depending where you go itll come with a warranty. stop doing neutral drops and your tranny will last.
  5. if you cant find anything make it, get some 2.5 inch stainless exhaust pipe, 120volt welder, and a pipe bender. it wont be true dual unless you make your own header pipes as its transverse mounted. or they may sell headers somewhere will probably be expensive
  6. wiring is shorting out somewhere check your door wire bundles and check if any of them have gotten pinched or caught in the door somehow.
  7. they cant design parts that will last forever the R&D cost + manufacturing would be staggering, trust me ive asked the same thing, its all about money. timing belts give troubles when they are about to go... they are only designed to last 120k km (dunno what that is in miles for you americans) so in essence yes we do and will continue buying products that are not designed to last as long as its in the automotive field. but all problems that people have with cars are usually associated with lack of maintenance or improper work being done.
  8. If its got white smoke from exhaust it could also be the piston rings, maybe when you blew the head gasket the rings also got fucked up.Edit just read the part of losing coolant. I almost wonder if you may have a cracked block at the water jacket, because a mechanic should be able to install an intake manifold with gasket pretty easily. if hes got a cracked block an intake manifold and gasket wont fix the problem.. cracked block means new engine time as its not cost efficient to pay to repair it. But the part about the piston rings is a definite possibility.
  9. from the sounds of it your mechanic friend also blows white smoke out his ass, you got an internal head gasket leak, as in your coolant is gettin into the intake and bein burnt. just remember those gaskets dont need rtv, big mistake people and admitedly me before doing a number of gaskets. also if you dont properly torque the head in the proper sequence leaking is inevitable. replace the manifold gasket while youre at it, unless the gasket says its reusable (paper gaskets not reusable) if your lifters and pushrods were replaced did you have the valve lash corrected? one little mistake fucks the whole thing up.
  10. haha it always baffles me how OEM parts tend to be way fucking better than expensive aftermarket parts I have a friend who is the former head mechanic and now general manager at Arrigo Dodge here in FL (MASSIVE dealership), he says he prefers to use OEM parts for everything less suspension. He tells me that since they are engineered for maximum service life, not performance, in their respective applications they function best. Most parts are engineered and perfected for years to be paired precisely with the other parts they interact with, the vehicle model, and engine. That is why most OEM parts only receive revisions to their designs to improve them or lower production cost with a tight tolerance for performance loss and even more strict a tolerance for useful service life loss. Labor is big money, not parts, so parts are made to outlive the duration and mileage the most ridiculous warranty packages include at least. actually parts are not meant to make it the life of the vehicle, if they did dealships would make no money from people bringing in their cars to pay for the labour, im in automotive right now, car companies really have everything done out to a science on how to make money. because honestly thats what the automotive industry is for, to make money, parts are designed as cheap as possible without any thought as to how serviceable or how easy they are to service.for the most part will have less problems going with OE parts as they were already designed to work with the system.
  11. haha in canada we dont know what that smog mumbo jumbo is. i got a vehicle registered with cat removed, and muffler leaking. so do you have a true dual setup with an xpipe? who cares about noise, if it sounds good people wont complain, if it sounds like 14 mexicans farting after a burrito binge then people will absolutley complain.
  12. oil galleries are part of the engine... i know what im talking about. motors NA from factory remain naturally aspirated, the oil pump is before the oil filter plate, therefore the engine oil pump feeds the turbo just like i had said... i dont eeven know what youre talking about. you must be drunker than me
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