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    i am interested in car audio (soundstream/sundown/audioque) and my girlfriend ;P

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  1. Smalltruk Email them I got a response back very quickly
  2. you must not of read what i said a little while ago why not read a few post ago
  3. well after everythings said and done its hopefully gonna be riding real low
  4. just so everyone knows the jeep used to be that tan color with a darker brownish/tan in it all spray painted i did 0 sanding all the dark green is the original color i wish i took a pic before i power washed that shit off there it took me about 4 hours of power washing it to get it to look the way it does now
  5. i wasnt going to put them on when i got them lol i was going to wait til a paintjob and when its not snowing
  6. ok so i have a 1994 jeep cherokee i plan on "murdering out" when i get the funds and i will be getting a set of rims with my tax returns BUT i cant quite make up my mind on which set to get so i was hoping you guys could help me out the rims would be 20's keep in mind that my jeep is not painted yet the paint looks so gross because whoever owned it before me decided to spray paint it and i took my trusty ole power washer and blew all that camoflauge bullshit off of it and i am also getting it retinted and darker i might have the badges painted red because i love red and black together anyways heres the jeep this it the old front end it now has a new one as seen below now which rim would look better on this rig? Avenue - A605 or Lorenzo Wl32
  7. 2 level 5 12s 2 level 5 15s 2 level 5 18s shipped to 68048
  8. could you help me then? can you show me the dimensions i am looking for? max dimensions are 40W x 25H x 15D 33-35Hz in tuning
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