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  1. Hey guys I'm looking at getting my dad a cheaper radio was wondering if anyone had any experience with these I see they took a lot of pioneers models numbers but don't know the name too well he will not be using an amp or anything just BT DVD and USB but he wants a screen and it needs to be a flip out head unit perferable under 200 bucks new Let me know Thanks guys
  2. Selling my 3.5k works great I will get the pictures up when I get back home 600 p/s
  3. I may just offer my grandma 4k to keep it in the family and then ill pass it down to my son when im older. I know its worth more hell when i had a box with less than that it cost me over 12k
  4. i did try to get a guy here to do it but they want to give me truck credit only
  5. i dont mind selling in lots but i would like to know the price value around of the box if i have to look up each tool thats fine but this is just the small box i still have the bottom chest and the roll away i need to do but i figured i could get a good idea if i posted the small box as there is alot of the same in others my grandpa owned a shop
  6. Hey guys my grandpa Died and my Grandma is layed out with all the bills im trying to sell my grandfathers tools for her, Can some people give me a quick estamate based on the picture below these are all snap on and matco only comes with the box too. Thank you for your help http://i1052.photobucket.com/albums/s453/ric006/IMG_0058_zps13023c02.jpg[/img] http://i1052.photobucket.com/albums/s453/ric006/IMG_0066_zpsb25be5d6.jpg[/img]
  7. When is it too much bass?

    when your number 1
  8. best advice you can get is ask a local cop but yes you can stop the threat
  9. Should have never asked him for video time on the second one steve cuz if he didnt send it he wouldnt have won