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  1. Bought a new head unit. Max volume number is 40. The dd1 is showing distortion at 28 through speaker outputs. It doesn't show any distortion through the rca outputs at 40/max (signal is registering). Is this possible (due to the quality of signal, error, other)? Tried switching up jacks as well. Thank you in advance J
  2. Do they get low facing up like that? I have a crew and my ten is better on low end facing down. Was curious cuz it looks good. And I think the SA 8s are half the beauty of the build!
  3. Very nice. Sounds very deep and good bandwidth without loading wall. Ya think you'll leave it as is now? I'm designing one now I might just do all sealed cuz it sounds good with all music it seems.
  4. Rich is f..ING [email protected] just cuz that's your policy at kmart doesn't mean its the law you tree hugging sheet bag. The law says "concealing" is retail theft just like changing or removing price tags
  5. Steve, I am getting ready to use the same amp in a crew cab build (12 frontier) and already have a jl xd400 for highs and mids. I am replacing my 500 cp with the 2500. What kind of electrically upgrades did you do with the Lexus? I've done none but wire upgrade with my current setup at 1 ohm and it struggles after 15 secs of sub 50 Hz...
  6. 4 RE AUDIO XXX 12s ported. You should have enough space with high spl! and daily driving sq
  7. Go with 2 Re 15 xxx at same airspace as one 18 tune as low as u can and 2k per sub. You'll like them for DD.
  8. Hey yall....didnt introduce myself. But I do everything from the smartphone since my ex took me to the cleaners earlier this year. I'm 37 and prob close to steves gen. Grew up listening and installing for friends since around 89 (pyramid Haha, urban, kicker, pyle, punch, us amps, etc...Had mediocre systems through college and marriage of 13 years to the one...did not continue one of my passions while married, but since....the fire is back and I've done five boxes in the last three months. Found the setup I like for my car..had many systems stolen even in high school was jacked for everything when I paid for it all. Man I cried. But im looking for an suv now of to get some huge right now my impala with 4 re 12s srx hurts my ears with 100 inches of port..on 1000 watts. It's unbelievable. I discovered steves site the same as an above poster. I was looking at re bass vids on utube one night cuz I was a big fan of us amps back when they were FLA where I hang near daytona. Am a plain clothes po po when I'm not working in the safe all...
  9. And don't Google eye over her. A girl like that will sense you're a creeper and play ya. Act interested but don't give away too much about u. Remain a mystery for a bit
  10. Ok my first post didn't go. If you really feel she is the one then this is important. At the end of a conversation say, "let's grab a bite to eat later" you're pulling the lawyer trick where you don't give her a chance to answer no. It shows confidence but informal. And pick a safe neutral place like a chilis or applebees. So if she wants a drink or you do its fun and informal. But most of all your pickup line shows confidence in yoself that she will say yes. If she doesn't to that, you'll know to move on. Act like you don't care if she says no anyway cuz u can't control it if she does. It's the jedi mind thinking that pulls the one in....
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