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  1. Nothing??? ;ppl. id really like an obsidian style surround
  2. I just recently converted a 15' audiobahn into a monster 10. This was just for fun cuz the old basket was cracked and the leads needed to be resolderd. i wasnt using it for anything so it was a budget build. so i bought a cheap 10" cone with rubber surround and the surround is maxing out from the 15" coil. so im looking for a good wide roll surround or erom style surround. already contacted sundown and fi, neither sell surrounds seperate. as of now this is my best bet http://www.ebay.com/itm/10-Inch-Heavy-Duty-Rubber-Subwoofer-Surround-Kit-HiFonics-Memphis-Rhino-MORE-/300650140075?pt=Speakers_Subwoofers&hash=item46002511ab\ as i stated this was just a random budget build with some parts that werent being used....so anything cheaper or better quality would be appreciated.
  3. I wasnt fully automatic but Alpines old digital amps used to have a Clip light on them kinda like the DD-1. As long as you knew your headunits distortion point it was pretty easy to set the gains.
  4. UPDATE: yea so finally got around to it and just drew up a template in sketchup and printed it to scale. Then just drilled new holes in the toplate carful not to drill into the magent. then tapped em. Acutally went with a budget build and cleaned up the old coil and got a new spider, cone and 10" basket. Overall $40 for a beefy little Ten. Pics of the final product once my terminals come in.
  5. heres some pics. as you can see there are no holes in the top of the motor.
  6. Its a 2.68" as far as i can tell but my caliper may be off.
  7. So basically your saying, make a top plate out of plastic (or get one machined). then just glue that to the existing top plate? and as far as the redneck idea, i cant do that because the old basket attached to the bottom of the sub, not the top, so i cant drill new holes in the basket to match the existing holes because there are no existing holes in the motor/top-plate.
  8. So has anyone ever drilled/tapped their top plate for a new basket? I was going through my boneyard and found a old blown 15" audiobahn. Its got a pretty beefy magnet so i figured id recone. The cast aluminum basket is cracked so its out of the question. Im thinking about going with a 12" 12 point aluminum basket from psi. only problem is the original basket formed around the motor and bolted to the back plate. So i have to drill and tap the top plate to accept the new 127mm x 60 degree mounting pattern of the basket. I figure if i leave the top plate attached and drill it i wont have to re attach it to the magnet (taping off the center to prevent shavings falling in of course). anyone ever done anything like this that can add a little insight?
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