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Found 39 results

  1. Im looking for a subwoofer either 8,10, or 12 inches with a low fs under 30. A qts between 5 and 5.6, also a decent xmax to support music down to 20 hz. I ask these requirements because i had 2 rockford p3 10s which i would buy again in a heartbeat if it werent for the fact that it can only go as low as 28 hz accord to sonicelectronix. i can vouch that it doesnt hit low notes without a loud sharp sound which i thought was coil hitting magnet. So the sub must also play down to 20 hz full power and be at or under 250$. I have also used a morel primo 12 which was a decent replacement but needs more xmax and a bit higher qts but it does hit 20 hz. I am considering buying a cadence s1 w8 but want some feedback from everyone here to see if they have any helpful experiences with similar taste in subwoofers.
  2. Hey guys, so I got bored tonight and decided to get this sub I have laying around playing in a goofy temporary box until I actually build the QWTL for it. I've turned the cardboard box it came in into a subwoofer enclosure. I need to do some testing and tweaking to get it sounding a bit better but it's actually turning out to be better than I expected. Currently it's net volume is roughly .32 ft3. I'm experimenting with a port but need to add some more volume in order to get it to have any decent output with the port. The driver I'm using is the Dayton Audio Classic 10" 4ohm SVC (https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dcs255-4-10-classic-subwoofer-4-ohm--295-202#lblProductQ&A). I've taken some pictures along the way but I don't feel like uploading them tonight so hopefully I'll get around to it tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow I can find a way to increase the volume of the box as well as add some more bracing. Disclaimer: Before anyone says it, I know that this isn't an optimal or even really usable enclosure. This is purely for fun and laughs. I do not recommend anyone trying this seriously as it will probably result in damage to equipment. I'm not putting a whole lot of power to this and am watching it pretty closely.
  3. Right now I have a T3 components in the doors, T1652s in the rear (T400-4 amp) and 2 P212s (R5001xd 619 @ 1 ohm birthsheet). Ive been looking all over for an upgrade, first I thought maybe T015s and a T1500 amp. That set up would've costed me 3500 and it would've just been a big ass box in my sedan's trunk, likely not what the subwoofers really want or need. I then bought some 12s HDC3s and I sold them to someone else after being convinced the same thing. I started looking into DD and the size of their boxes are crazy big (and I do not want one subwoofer). So now I'm looking at having four P3D410s in a "show build" powered by 2 prime 1200s. With that said, I'd have more than double the cone area and more than double the power (does this mean I'll increase by 6 decibels?) What do you think of the build in question? Will I be impressed? Should I get a box for this or should I let them just make this "show build"? Meaning they'd want me to appear at shows to show off their work. I'll answer all questions! Links to videos of your own 10s would be acceptable as well.
  4. 10" Subwoofer advice

    Hey folks, long time reader first time posting. I'll start with what I have already. Hu is a pioneer avh4800bt. Polk mma6501db mids and highs on a skar rp 75.4 running active xover. A skar audio rp 2000.1d. The box I plan on using is a dual sealed enclosure for 10s with 1 cube per chamber unloaded with a mounting depth of 6 and an 1/8 in. Vehicle is a Ford Ranger regular cab. A single run of zero gauge dual yellow tops and a 135 amp alternator. The alternator will be upgraded to 275 amp soon after sub installation. I was looking at Alpine Type Rs and Nvx Ncws, but was hoping to get some insight. It's my daily driver and my music taste varies greatly so I'm looking for something well rounded. So I'm looking for something very musical that gets decently loud yet plays clean. That being said both the Alpines and Nvxs run about a buck fifty a piece. I'm willing to spend a little more to get more, but really don't want to go much above 2-250 area per.
  5. I found one of my dad's old mtx 10's that is 25 years old... I have it in a new box and replaced the wires... It sounds great, at least for being what it is. Its replacing the 5.5" logitech sub in my room system, so its only on i think 25w rms. Is there anything I could use to power this sub with more wattage? I cant find anything written on the sub or online. I have a few PC PSU's, one is 300 watts. Is there a way for me to wire this? the 25 watt amp is clipping and distorting the sub too easily, and since the sub is in good condition, im sure it can take more. Ive got a computer that i just found at my moms old office, and im not sure of the wattage of the psu, but i know it cant be much, maybe 150-200. So i have PSU's that would put out the right amount of wattage im looking for, i just need to know how to wire it up for my room. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Post your real or dream audio system below, I just wanna know what the community has. My real audio system--- 2 DC level 4 15's Custom box 3 4" aeroports 7 cubic ft tuned @30 2 Sundown sae1500D Alpine CDE-143BT 2 Alpine type r 6.5 componets 4 Crescendo PWX pro 6.5 2 Alpine Type r tweets 2 Alpine mrx-m110 Murdermat in all doors/back wall Skyhigh 0/1 awg runs Mechman 240A alt Skyhigh 18awg to door speakers JL rca's 2 XS d1600 My dream system--- 4 DC level 6 15's Walled box tuned @30 All Skyhigh/Certified Basshead wire 2 DC 10.0k 4 Crescendo neo 8" 6 Crescendo neo 6.5" 4 Crescendo ft1 DC amp/amps to power speakers 2 mechman 370A alts 4 XS lithium batteries Murdermat double layered everywhere custom dash If only I had the money/means for my dream system lol
  7. hi good day recently bought one of this sub and need help with box design can anyone help with this a simple plan is all i need thank you in advance all info is on the bottom * Loudspeaker Enclosure Analysis Program * LEAP® EnclosureShop Jan/25/2005 * ©1993-2003 LinearX Systems Inc * Date: Dec 9, 2016 Fri 10:23 am * LTD File=C:\Program Files\LEAP\Transducers\ATOMIC APXX.Ltd * Electro Mechanical Parameters Name= APXX10d1 Note= 12.09,2016 Model= TSL Domain= FreeAir Shape= Round Profile= Cone Fmd= 3.0000 KA Qmd= 1.0000 Flp= 8.0000 KA Qlp= 2.0000 Znom= 1.0000 Ohm Revc= 2.0000 Ohm Sd= 35.0000E-3 M² Mmd= 153.3000 g Pmax= 5.0000E3 W Rtvc= 50.0000E-3 °C/W Xgap= 30.0000 mm Xcoil= 50.0000 mm Xmax= 10.0000 mm Krm= 99.7800 mOhm Erm= 682.0000E-3 Kxm= 208.6400 mH Exm= 590.0000E-3 Rms= 10.3287 N·S/M Mms= 157.0629 g Cms= 58.5294 uM/N Vas= 10.2407 Ltr Fo= 52.4924 Hz Qms= 5.0154 Qes= 0.1155 Qts= 0.1129 BL= 29.9489 T·M Levc= 5.7830E-3 H SPLo= 92.9150 dB No= 1.2294 %

    Hi, i am looking for a design or plans too. i am new here so don't know how this works. the box i need is going into a VW Golf MK5.. the subs going in are 2 x B2 10'' 600rms and the amp is a GroundZero Plutonium 2.3000D. i know,its gonna play at 45% i took measurements of my trunk and this is what i would like to keep some spare room .Cause i am european and we measure in cm or mm i would like to have the dimensions in centimetres… … W= 84CM MAX. H=35CM MAX. D=35-40CM MAX. tuned at 30-35 Hz.. the subs info: http://b2audiostore.net/collections/subwoofer/products/el-10-subwoofer i hope i provided all or enough information ….
  9. Hoping some of you can offer some insight or first hand experience. I blew my Rockford R1200 amp so I decided to go bigger and just got a crescendo bc3500. Planning on an xsd3400 under the hood, and maybe an alternator depending on what voltage looks like during testing. I've been somewhat out of the game for a while so I need help deciding what subs to throw this kind of power at. GOALS: 2 10" drivers 2.5 - 3 MAX cubic feet box Musical but with authoritative lows (will be using them primarily for electric funk hippie rave music, rap, and soft rock) Reliability/durability to handle 3k+ (on 2) Subs will be in the boot firing in to the cabin and probably sealed off with some form of ghetto hackjob. So far I've looked at the Sundown X, SSA Xcon, SQ HDC3, and Crescendo Contralto, they all look good from reviews, but I haven't modeled any yet though. I'm sure i'm missing some beefy 10's out there in the 1500-2000 rms range, help me decide! P.S. no idea what my old username was, havent been on any forums in years so I might look new but I promise I'm not
  10. Drivers: (2) Sundown x10 V.2 Desired internal volume after bracing and driver: 2.15+ Desired tune: 30hz link for my design in sketchup: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rjdfh30ejcejl61/SubBox_forX10s.skp My questions are: did i measure the port lengths correctly? the numbers i came up with are close to the ports on the model. is there enough surface area? I got the number from the sundown website for the 1st version, and added a bit, 31in^2 on one, and 29 almost on the other.
  11. Hi all, looking for some suggestions on a 10" sub for a custom sealed .7 cu.ft. fiberglass enclosure (not including polly) for my Touareg. Running an old Alpine V12 M605 so I can do 400x1 @ 4 ohms or 600x1 @ 2 ohms. I have a couple subs in mind but trying to see others suggestions before I decide. I also don't want to do the VS thing as per the rules. I've been out the loop for many years so brands that use to be good has all changed. Trying to keep it under $200. Kinda time restricted as I my old sub tinsel just broke off the spider lead and I miss my low end. Listen to all types of music except country. Wife likes Rock and Metal, I like Rock to Rap and Electronic. Thanks.
  12. As a little side project, I had an old Martin Logan 10" lying around and decided to create an enclosure for it and give it as a gift to a teacher of mine. He's a big fan of the cowboys so I figured i'd incorporate that somewhere, I hardly documented the building process but the finished product I am extremely proud of, and does it bump! Specs: Vb: 1.088 Ft^3 Fb: 38.8 Hz F3: 29 Hz RMS: 300 Watts
  13. I have heard that a round perfect circle speaker will sound better compared to an oval or a square sized speaker because it can produce sound waves more accurately. I was also told that a 6.5 inch is the perfect mid range speaker, because it is round, isn't too large, but isn't too small. Does the shape of the speaker really matter when it comes to the sound of the speaker? Would a 5 inch speaker sound better compared to a 6.5 or would a 4x10 blow them all out of the water. What do you think when it comes to speaker size and shape? What's your "perfect speaker"?
  14. Daisy chain/strap amplifiers

    So i heard of this thing called "Daisy chaining" amplifiers together. I read that if done properly you can chain like, 10 amps together [not that someone would] and get massive pooowwwwaaaaa. only problem is if i remember correctly that each amp needs its own power source [im not sure about signal]. Now, how can this be done? is there some power and ground isolation things i can hook up to the power and ground to make this happen? i do really want to try this.
  15. I'm looking to build a big ported box for 2 alpine type r 10 1042D.. I have a 3000 watt bassinferno amp.. I'm putting them n a 98 blazer 4 door with a drop tail gate.. I want at least 1 cubic ft of air space per sub.. I think subs faced up and big port at bottom of box at the tail gate.. But what ever is best for deep bass.. I only have one hooked up now in a ported box and it sounds good for what it is.. If u have any ideas or specs let me know
  16. I have a 95 Firebird and I will be installing a new four channel amp soon. I will have Jl Audio components in each door. Mids, tweets, and crossover. And I will have two Crescendo 6.5s Mids in the rear factory location. My question is will I need to install some kind of in line crossover for the crescendos to keep the really high pitched frequencies out ?
  17. Hello ,im in need of help on deciding on the coil option for my subs i have choose a pair of FI Q 10's running off of a DC audio 3.5k . My problem is that i have a box which is sealed and has two chambers (one for each sub) with seperate terminals for each sub ,so i was wondering if i was to get the dual 1 ohm coils and wired them at .5 ohms on each sub would they be summed up to one ohm at the amp (DC 3.5k) because i know it is a mono with two pairs of outputs so i assume they are internally summed ... or am i wrong .....any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks .
  18. I have been looking around to uprgrade my bass. I have ordered a pioneer gmd9601 amp that claims 1200rms @1ohm. As far as subs, I have been looking into 2 10 inch subs. sundown SA, FI X, RE SEx are a few I have researched. I have an Isuzu rodeo so space is not much of a problem. What are peoples' ideas and suggestions to get loud? can't upgrade the amp right as of yet.
  19. What up guys? I recently bought a pair of two ten inch eclipse titanium subs from my boss who knew nothing about them. we took them out of an older car we bought and sold. im running a 250 watt kicker amp to them (bridged) and they are surprisingly pretty good. I first thought they were just an off brand sub but then after doing some research I found they were pretty expensive back in the day. they are still an up and running company just not in the US. I was told I could probably triple what I have on them now.. I was just wondering if there was anyone that knew much about them or happened to know thwe specs! thanks for the help.
  20. I have a 1990 Buick century and I need help with box dimensions and port tuning I know how to build myself I jusymt want a crazy loud system I have 6 10 p3s and will have 2 t1500 running a set of 3 on each amp. Please help me!! Tuning possible in the 30s that would be as low as I wanna go no higher than 40 . Anyone please help.. 34in height, 50in wide, 20in deep,
  21. custom sub box build

    Hey everyone i am new to the site and forum i was wondering if anyone could help me out with any knowledge they have on the subject. I am building a custom build for my truck which is a 2000 silverado extended cab, and i cant find anything out there on what im looking for exactly. my goal is to build a ported box to specs for 4 Alpine 1043D subwoofers i would like the box to be ported and as loud as possible. I have a Rockford Fosgate t1500-1bdcp that is going to power the whole system and was wondering if anyone has any ideas on a box that would fit my truck preferably on the bench seat in the back but i can take the bench out if push come to shove please help out if you can. Thanks. 517 Audio
  22. Im thinking about making a blow through for an Alpine Type R 10" and was wanting to know if that would be to small to sound good in a 1.5-3 cube box... the sub sounds super good right now just not in a good box for it and doesnt get as low as I want right now but the blow through will be 32-34 Hz
  23. So this morning Derek (fox_racin4) happened to be in my area and available so i got a little demo. this was the first "real" system i have ever heard and it was AWESOME, and it wasnt even going full tilt as it had a fresh recone. youtube.com/embed/wQzxtcG4VDk
  24. Hey everyone. Im new to the forum so forgive me for the "newbieness" have always read topics on the forum but decided to finally join! I mean im here all the time so why not. But to get to what I need help with! Have been working on a new build for my truck (2004 silverado ext cab) plans are for 2 dc audio xl 10s under the seat with a dc audio 5k for power. Alternator batterys and all those goodies to come as well. I use bass box pro for designing my boxes. Have played around alot on the program and am familiar with it. Nothing too extensive tho as far as knowledge goes with it. I have tried and tried every way (that I know of) to to get 1 cubic ft of air space (recomended air from the dc website and personally from rob and rusty from dc) but my problem is that in order to have a box be 1 cubic ft and tune it in the low 30s the port is around 50 inches long. Thats just about an average length ive come up with. Tried slot ports pvc/aero ports. Not sure what to do to get 1 cubic ft air space and tune from 31-35 without an insanely long port?? Iike I said im pretty new and its my first post so any help or ideas is appreciated. Hpefuly im just having a brain fart and its a totally easy thing im overlooking haha.
  25. Ok, I have super limited space in my RX7, I have probably about 2 1/2 to 3 cu ft of useable space in the hatch of my 1994 Mazda RX7. Right now I have 2 - Kicker L7 Truck Boxes in it (model 08TS10L72), and they barely fit. They aren't not loud, but I'm looking for as loud as I can fit in there. I used to have 4 - 12's in my Ford Probe, and that was LOUD, I just don't have the same space available in here to fit much. If you had 2 - 3 cu ft of space to use... what would you choose?