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  1. damn did anyone even get close to it? that was like out of no where, lol. might have to blow the dust off mine and put it in something.
  2. i can't wait to get this stuff ordered and start watching all the goodie come in. thanks for the help guys.
  3. the turn on is 500 rpm and starts making good output at 800 rpm and goes to 320 at 1800 rpm. it is right in my range for my car. I'll be using one of the D3400's as a starting battery and the other two will be in the back for the amps.
  4. Will 3 D3400's and a 320 amp Mechman S series Alternator be enough to run my system with a BC3500? it won't see much comp time but it will be daily.
  5. or we could just make one bro. i got plenty of steel and a 4.3L sitting the the back of the shop that goes to another project car.
  6. sounds like you shorted the amp thru the DD-1. did you go from neg batt in the bank to the pos batt terminal on the amp or the pos speaker terminal?
  7. well good luck bro. can't wait to see how it turns out for you. throw up some pics when you get started on it.
  8. Just make sure you have the correct box built for the subs b/c they do not like being in a pre-built box. plus they don't like to be over powered much b/c they will get warm (very) but other than that, they should work good. I'm running 2 12" pr's in a box that is 2 ft3 for each sub and they sound good. I'm prolly gonna be selling them around the first of the year and upgrading. Oh one other thing....do the Big 3 on the blazer and you might want to think about putting a second battery in the back and use all good high quality wiring.
  9. bwolf, i'm just wondering how much i can expect out of this combo when it is a trunk with a seat that can't fold down. I only have a ski hole to port through into the cabin.
  10. I'm getting ready to start the new build and was wanting to check out a few things first. Would 2 LVL4m2 12's be able to handle the 3.5K on them at 1 ohm or do i need to stay with the 2.0K? Also i know the site says 1.5f3 on the ported for the lvl4 12's but what do y'all recommend?
  11. 2 LVL 4 12's Dual 1 ohm w/ carbon fiber dustcap 1 3.5K shipped to 39571
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