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  1. Picked this up last month, 2020 tundra sr5 Got the bumpers and grill color matched, 3" lift and 34" toyos
  2. I just bought a 2017 2.0 turbocharged Camaro... If I straight pipe it will it sound like an SS

  3. we are going to partake in some Mexican festivities on an American holiday
  4. Am I getting old if Im perfectly happy with the factory sony system in my truck?

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    2. MrSkippyJ


      meh, I'm pretty sure I am keeping my new truck totally stock. It sounds pretty damn ok!

    3. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Yes, those sony systems suck.

    4. Keith77
  5. just sold the camaro, about to do a new clutch (again) forged pistons, and later on a dedicated fuel system and hit this bitch with a 200-250 shot. I got beat last night by a stretched zx14 and I cant let that shit happen again
  6. looks like we are getting hit by a tropical storm tomorrow, awesome...but if the rain holds out saturday Im heading to houston with the 900hp rx7 saturday night to run the world beater mustang, to put things into perspective the rx7 is local to me and I personally saw it run a 9.0 @150 with a busted transmission, I have ran the white zr1 in the vid before and I put about 1-2 cars on him from 60-160 so it should be a damn good run with the mustang I live right in the border with LA and the gulf of mexico so it should pass literally right over my house
  7. I probably will, my car only trapped 145 on the bottle and the civic rolls the fuck out
  8. new hoosiers and got the bottle filled, I have a date with a 600+hp civic in mexico this weekend
  9. weather was nice today so I took the car out and put some miles on it
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