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  1. nick cannon, that kid from the movie drumline, he is married to her or some shit...
  2. Now for the drivers side. What you see here is before any of the new product is added, And I realize that it is hard to see any new deadener versus old deadener, but I installed it...see the last pics for proof of that! I thought I took some pics of the inside of this door, but I dont see them, so , here is the finished pic, after I lined the inside with at least three and a half sheets, and both doors used a full four sheets ( saving the half sheet to seal up the access hole ) the best part of installing sharp edged sound deadener and the door panel installed
  3. So to get started, the door pack contained 8 sheets of deadener, giving me 4 per door, and the sheets are somewhere around 2 ft by about 1.5 ft. I had to regain access to the door cavity and create a hole in the old product and remove my door speaker. After making the hole , I could slide a full sheet all the way into the door cavity and install it... I also added another layer behind the door speaker and covering the door brace that runs the length of the door. And then , after installing the speaker tweaker speaker pads, and reinstalling the speaker, I sealed it all back up and headed to the other side
  4. I , like most car audio guys surf more than one forum from time to time, and I came across a interesting thread on the SMD forum a while back. Ant from Second Skin was offering 10 free door packs of Damplifier Pro ... and he ended up giving away 68 of them. All I paid was just 12.97 for shipping. Hell, he even tossed in a roller and a cool razor cutter to help with installation. Now, I was already some what heavily equipped with second skin products so, this door pack was just a little bit more to add to my two front doors. these photos show what I started with, the first two pics are the door panels, well, the back of them, layered down with dampi-pro and luxury liner and this is what the actual doors looked like before I added any of this new door pack, and again, I had installed a considerable amount of dampi pro a year or so ago...
  5. I think I found a solution, and the problems seems to yet again, fall on linksys and their shitty products. they even have a help forum on their site and there is all sorts of people having their routers blocking all sorts of one website or another. Linksys offers no solution. The hotel in jacksonville also uses a linksys router network which is why the problem is there for me too. I have tried al sorts of free proxy programs , i.p. hiding programs, and invisible surfing programs... most of which just slowed my lap top to a crawl.... however , I stumbled upon this site http://www.torproject.org/ and it seems to work okay. It takes it a bit to load up a page , and it occasionally logs me out of the forum, but it doesnt kick me out of the site... so for now , it seems to work okay.
  6. Okay , so I went to open dns .com and tried doing the DNS server change in my control panel. still no dice. I am in jacksonville now. and I am again using hide my ip .... any other ideas?
  7. thats the problem. The router at the hotel is one which I can not alter. It is owned by the hotel. I dont know what DNS server address I am using at home. I will look when I get back home.
  8. 00-0A-E4-DF-A6-B0 this is my NIC adress. this is my DNS servers. But as I said, right now at this hotel in wayx, its fine . you prolly want this stuff from a location where it doesnt work.
  9. I am in waycross Ga, now, and the damn forum pops up just fine. Like it should normally. Something is going on between my computer and the router at my home, and the router at the hotel in jacksonville fla. It has to be something of that nature, simply because it works fine here. So it is not the actual laptop itself, as I use it in all three places. Add to that, the two iMacs I have at home are blocking it as well, one hard wired to the router, the other using wifi.... This is so completely fuckin bizarre..... But I went ahead and bookmarked safe proxy and I will try that route next time I am either home or in jacksonville tonight or tomorrow.
  10. did all of that to no avail. I havent been back to work yet, so I wont know if it still happens in jacksonville at the hotel. I am still have to use hide-my-ip. Damn, this is so very frustrating. I did try to experiment today, and by taking the router out the loop here at home, the mac will pull it up.... I wonder if it the same with the router network at the Holiday Inn in jacksonville. I dont even know what to do now. I am at home, with the router hooked up, but as I said, using hide-my-ip. This happened before and a router reboot and reset to defaults did the trick.... No dice with that this time, and I am on the laptop at home because the "netshade" program for the mac doesn't work so well...
  11. I had another thread before about my forum access problems. Before it was my router, and only at home. Here is the deal. I have two macs at home, and a linksys router, and a compaq ( running XP ) laptop that I use in two different cities that I travel to. Before, it was simply the router giving me a fit, and it wouldn't let me access it....but only at home. Now, In Jacksonville Fla, and at my home, I can not log into or even pull up the forum. The SMDmedia.net site works fine, but the forum always loads for a minute or two and then gives me a " network timed out message. I downloaded a program called hidemyip for the windows laptop , and it worked in jacksonville after that..... Now , I am at home, and I downloaded a program called netshade for the mac, and I am running it now to log onto the forum and start this thread. Does anybody have any idea why this is happening....? It works fine at the hotel I stay at in waycross , ga.... and I have had several friends try to pull the forum up from their home with absolutely no porblem at all...
  12. I have several friends in the coast guard.... I sorta wish I would have done it years ago. You pretty much stay in the U.S. , the likely hood of combat is super slim, and you are always gonna be near some sort of beach....
  13. My mini sits up like this all the damn time. From begging for food to wanting me to throw her ball. It is very funny, because after a few minutes , she starts wobbling around and raising both her front paws in frustration if I even act like I don't notice her trying to get my attention. Mini Doxies make the very best pets if your home isnt adequate for a large dog. That dapple is one fine looking dog.
  14. Well, for starters, it all depends on where you live. Yes , geographic location greatly affects the cost of a vehicle like this. I can't tell you why, but it does, and it always has. if your in California expect to pay top dollar, the northeast , top dollar again. in the south, you will pay less, and the mid west it kind of a toss up, the southwest, well you are not there, because that truck just has too much rust and rot for it to be a desert truck. That being said, around the southeast, I wouldn't think more than a grand, maybe even as low as about 800 bucks. There is soo much work to be done on that thing, just to get it back safe and drivable, and to stop the growth of rust.... Now you are wanting to stick a big heavy diesel in it, which will require alot of mods, and basically a new frame from the tranny forward, and if you are gonna put a bigger axle in it or tow with it, just plan on building a entirely new and beefier frame all together. That stock frame will eventually fail you with a cummins sitting on it. It is worth what ever you are willing to pay for it, and it is worth the work and the time if you are willing to commit too it.
  15. Lamborghini needs to go back and do a little tuning. I would be embarrassed....
  16. My dad just bought one of these from company called quantum cig http://www.quantumcig.com/shop/index_main.php , he loves this thing. Seems a little costly at first, but it's actually not that bad to taste, once you use it a few times. He likes it because he primarily smokes a pipe, ( after smoking cigarettes for thirty years ) and he can use it on the locomotives when he has a co-worker that doesn't smoke. A pipe can be a little over bearing to alot of people, but his vapor ( it actually produces a vapor ) cig seems to bother no -one. He offered to buy me one, but I just wasn't feeling it. I like my marlboro's just a tad too much.
  17. Well, what she said about Rush happens to be true. He does in fact, expect and want Obama to fail.... He doesn't give a damn about anything other than being able to say " I told you so " to all of those that voted for Obama. He is way to right -ring biased. He has lost sight of the greater good of this nation, and just wants to be the know it all, " I am right - you are wrong" kind of guy. Funny or not, she kinda makes a damn good point. and no, I didnt watch the clip. Just read what the article says.
  18. I check every wal mart, in every city I go to ( three different cities ) almost everytime I go, except Jacksonville, town is just to damn big, with too many wal marts. But all said, I check about 12 different stores, and I buy every thing they have that fits my pistols every chance I get.
  19. Best answer ever. I almost spit out my Dr. Pepper.
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